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Standard 6 x 6 Pool Tiles

2022.06.24 / By hqt

Introduction to 6 x 6 Pool Tiles:

Our 6 x 6 pool tiles have been specially manufactured to withstand sunlight, changing temperatures, an aquatic environment, and constant contact with the chemicals in swimming pool water. Your glittering, sun-bathed swimming pool might not seem like an exhausting environment, but you must consider that the tiles and other surfaces in your swimming pool are outdoors and submerged in water. They are wide-open to the sun and the rain. They come into contact with chlorine and other pool chemicals. And, contingent on where you live, they may also have to tolerate radically varying temperatures.

To be precise, your swimming pool tile has to be ultra-durable. And the tile calculated for swimming pools will give you the most durable bang for your buck.  Pool tile is non-porous and coated with a specifically formulated glaze that averts cracking and dwindling. The exceptional glaze also makes pool tile water-resistant and easy to clean. With proper maintenance, your pool tile can last decades. You can help ensure a long lifetime by keeping your pool tile clean, remaining on top of care and repairs, and keeping your pool water correctly and well-adjusted. And, of course, make sure that you pick a tile that was manufactured precisely for swimming pools! If you use “regular” indoor tile, it may need to be replaced within a few years.


How to Mount 6 x 6 Pool Tiles?

For those who want to have a nice and invigorating relaxation area at home, it is worth thinking about how to build a swimming pool. The main thing is how to fix pool tiles correctly and properly. In that regard preparing the place for installing the pool tiles comes at the top position. For laying the tiles, you first need to prudently select a special waterproof glue. In addition, it must be frost-resistant, since in winters the pool will be exposed to extremely low temperatures. For these purposes, experts advise using two-component adhesives, which are prepared from a liquid and powdery base in which the liquid adhesive is a sort of artificial rubber latex. As with any floor tiling, a good installation of a tiled surface requires a proper preparation. In this case, the layers of the tiled fugue will be flawlessly right-angled. To ensure that the floor in the bathroom or anywhere else, if necessary, and the walls are impeccably leveled and serve for a long time, make precise patterns.

To do this, draw intersecting perpendicular marking lines that will divide the surface in half from top to bottom and from left to right. Most of the experts start the installation of tiles in the very center of any given surface, and afterward lay all the full sheets outwardly. Pool tile sheets on a grid work in a different way than single large tiles. They can move or form waves on the surface. To prevent this, use a small piece of plywood and a rubber mallet after every few sheets to press the requisite tile sheet into the base of the pool. This will even the surface of the tile, giving it an attractive and flat appearance.

About Gaudi Tiles:

The emblem of Gaudi Tiles is, ‘Make Ideal Home Your Home’. Our biggest goal and rationale for operating is to help our customer is accomplishing their life home goals because we tend to help them in making homes, not houses. With the firm and inclusive manufacturing processes, firm quality control of each tile during the whole process, and the specialized quality examination just to ensure that top-quality products are provided to all of our valued customers. With the help of our foreign progressive and high-tech services and expert skill, we try our level best to make sure the on-time distribution of outstanding eminence that would surely meet our dear customer’s hopes.

And with incessant innovation processes in place and advancements in design and expertise, and continuous learning in the arenas of service delivery, we continue to endeavor to produce value and offer customers better value services. Our skillful and proficient team at Gaudi is highly driven by superiority control and assurance, strict production processes, broad industry experience, innovation, and many more. With the firm and inclusive manufacturing processes, firm quality control of each tile during the whole process, and the specialized quality examination just to ensure that top-quality products are provided to all of our valued customers. Above and beyond all of that, we have more than ten years of familiarity in the tiles designing and manufacturing industry, and rich know-how in the export craft for the provision of high-quality solutions to customers all across the world and to please their home designing-related desires and requirements.


All of you must take a very thorough look at our extensive collection of 6 x 6 pool tiles to find out the best which can suit your preferences. It would be an excellent idea to use these tiles in your bathrooms, open areas, patios, swimming pool waterlines, and at many other places, be it a public or private space of yours. Now you can glamorize your swimming pool by picking up the most appropriate tiles as per your own favorite and taste to arguably balance your home-specific design signature theme. All you have to do is to have a detailed glance thoroughly through our collection and place your order right away. We offer an entire line of the latest and most up-to-the-minute designs, patterns, and sizes of swimming pool and spa tiles of customary and first-class designs and styles. Whatsoever your prerequisites are, we can deliver you the products to give you the beautiful look in every possible space of your desire.

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