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What if you could get protection and beauty all at the same time? The 3D golden metal mosaic tiles are a great option to safeguard your kitchen and bathroom walls from wear and tear. In addition to backsplashes, you can use these marvelously designed tiles to redecorate any space in your home.

Factory 3D golden metal mosaic Tile for kitchen backspash wall


Backsplash protects your kitchen or bathroom walls from water damage, stains, and corrosion. GAUDI stainless steel tiles do not only protect your spaces but also give a tremendous makeover to your kitchen and bathroom. Check out our Factory 3D golden metal mosaic Tile for kitchen backspash wall with a 3D effect and mirror finish. If you are also in search of amazing tile then buy Factory 3D silver polished metal mosaic Tile for kitchen backsplash wall. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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    Stanless Steel
  • SIZE
    285 * 298 * 8mm
  • MOQ
  • USE
    interior wall decoration


GAUDI has been providing its customers with modern designs, innovative patterns, 3D textures, finest material, and reasonably priced home décor tiles for a long period. This factory 3D golden metal tile is another masterpiece presented by the leading tiles manufacturer and retailer. Check out its details below.


  • These spectacular wall décor mosaic tiles are a great combination of quality, creativity, effectiveness, and durability.
  • Rather than using cheap paper-mounted sheets, we use mesh-mounted sheets. It better supports mosaic tiles and lets the user install them in different patterns and in diverse spaces.
  • Glossy tiles having mirror polish look prettier than ceramic matte tiles. If you think the same way, go for these golden polished tiles.
  • If you love the majestic color of these tiles, let me tell you it is not going to fade over time. These tiles are fade-resistant.


  • As well as resisting color change, these tiles are stain-resistant and can be cleaned merely with a duster.
  • The golden metallic tiles give you an amazing backsplash for the kitchen and bath. Contact our professionals for suggestions about more suitable spaces.
  • These tiles are for interior wall installation. Check out our collection if you are planning to renovate the outer walls and floor.



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