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Who would not love to revamp their home with such marvelous three-dimensional artistic aluminum tiles? From design to quality and durability, these wall décor tiles are perfect in all aspects. Leave a great impression on your visitors by decorating your spaces with these brushed finish ceramic-based aluminum mosaic tiles.

Art cube 3d brushed finish ceramic basement aluminum metal mosaic tile for background wall and backsplash


GAUDI presents a spectacular and artistic design of aluminum mosaic tiles. Redecorate your home with Art cube 3d brushed finish ceramic basement aluminum metal mosaic tile. It is perfect for background walls and backsplash. This leaf-shaped tile is design with aluminum and comes with a ceramic base. It is sleeker and lighter in weight as compared to steel tiles. Also get your hands over mind-blowing Adhesive Aluminum Mosaic C1009 tile, its also worth for your money.

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    Aluminum with ceramic bottom
  • SIZE
    300 * 300 * 8mm
  • MOQ
  • USE
    interior wall decoration


GAUDI aims to provide its customers with spectacular, cutting-edge designs, jazzy colors, and high-quality material. We are always there to help you out in designing your home the way you like. Choose from the fantastic, deluxe, and finest home décor tiles and set up your dream apartment.


  • These leaf-shaped metal tiles are manufactured with aluminum and come with a ceramic base.
  • Aluminum is robust and lightweight metal. As compared to steel, aluminum is three times less in weight and density. That’s why these tiles are sleek, strong, and lightweight.
  • The 3D mosaic tiles come with a ceramic base and brushed finish.
  • The brushed finish makes tiles glossier and adds more texture. Also, it enriches the natural color of the stone.


  • Protect and beautify your walls with these amazing mosaic tiles.
  • These are perfect for a backsplash and background wall.
  • Our experts can guide more appropriate spaces for the installation of these luxury tiles.
  • Our team ensures to deliver your product within 25 days. This countdown starts immediately after you place an order.
  • Stay in contact to check out the status of your order. Our team is always there to answer your queries.


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    Yes, we look forward to receiving your order. However, please note our minimum purchase quantitly. If you require smaller quantities we will be happy to arrange an individual delivery. We would be delighted to assist you.

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    Of course, The products we produce are environmentally friendly and harmless, with various styles.

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