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5 Tips to Buy OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic in 2022

2021.12.29 / By hqt

OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic

Buying tiles - whether for renovation, refurbishment or new construction - is always a difficult decision. This is because OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic is not an item of clothing. We can replace it on a regular basis. Tiles often stay in place for decades.

That is why most of our customers think long and hard about what is right and good before they buy tiles. Since you have landed here, you are probably one of them and are thinking about what to consider before buying tiles.

Buying tiles is a long-term investment

Two essential factors play a role: The design and the durability or quality of the ceramic floor or wall covering. By the way, you don't have to worry about the quality of the tiles in our web shop. Our well-known brand manufacturers produce your tiles from high-quality raw materials.

A floor covering made of porcelain stoneware, for example, can last up to 60 years - with good care it will even look like new!

In this blog post I have put together 5 simple tips that will make it easier for you to decide which OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic should be. The tips relate both to the design of the tile and to technical details that you should consider before buying tiles.


Of course, when it comes to the look of your new tiles, the focus is only on one thing: your taste! Nevertheless, I have a tip when deciding on the design of the tiles: There are certainly tile designs that are strongly based on trends.

These are the modern colors of the current year or whether it is patterns and textures that are very popular right now.

Mosaic tiles bring individuality to the bathroom.  You should check whether a series offers mosaics and decors before buying tiles.

One year it will be ultra-modern, the next it will be yesterday's news again. You should choose strong colors so that you are still satisfied with them even after a few years.

What things to consider before buying OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic?

In any case, think before you buy OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic. See if you will still like the colors and patterns on the tiles in two years. If you want to change your tiling over the course of a few years anyway - no problem, you can do it.

 But if you are looking for a longer-term solution, consider whether you would like to use a stone look or a wood look tile to make your home timeless and modern.


I have already written something about the topic of what exactly rectified tiles are in the blog post Rectified, non-rectified and calibrated tiles. Both variants have their advantages, which you can design individually for you.

Nevertheless, I can make it very clear here: Rectified tiles are now a state-of-the-art solution. Today, almost without exception, most manufacturers produce modern tile series with rectified edges. Rectified tiles are easy to use closer together.

A very narrow joint of around 2 millimeters creates a modern, two-dimensional floor appearance. OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic comes regardless of whether it is a modern concrete look or a rustic, homely wood look.

Best OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic for Bathroom

In my opinion, this question is one of the most important - at least if you are looking for tiles for the bathroom or if you want to tile parts of your home on the wall. Many of our manufacturers offer sets of wall and floor tiles that you can put together individually when you buy tiles.

The wall tiles come of stoneware or earthenware. All tiles for the floor come of porcelain stoneware and can also be laid on the wall.

 In order to achieve a perfectly coordinated wall and floor image, you can fall back on so-called modular series, which give you a whole system of matching wall and floor tiles offers.

Many manufacturers also speak of the formats when referring to modular tile series. These series then include tiles that can easily be laid in a bond. You can read more about this in the blog post modular tiles! A modular tile system also often includes mosaics and decors - I'll talk about that in Tip 4!


OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic 2022

The penultimate tip is directly related to the third tip: Does the tile series you have selected also offer decors, mosaics or borders? More and more of our customers want to design their bathroom as individually as possible.

 And almost all of our manufacturers comply with this request. Almost every porcelain stoneware series offers OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic that is perfectly matched to the basic tiles.

Some other series also have a large range of decors on offer. These include patterned or specially textured tiles, borders, 3D reliefs and many more. So if an individual design with tiles is important to you, find out which decors the series offers before buying tiles.


Of course, this question also arises before you buy tiles: What is the type of surface I want to glue the tiles to? This question is particularly important when it comes to renovations and modernizations.

Because your subsurface determines which products you need, which you should get before buying tiles or together with your tiles.

For example, do you want to glue tile to tile? Or do you have a wooden surface? Then you need a special primer, possibly leveling compound and in some cases also good decoupling.

The waterproofing is also common in wet areas to. You should think about all of this before you buy tiles, because the treatment of the subfloor naturally also changes your construction height.

Summary OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic

Bonus tip: You made it to the end of the blog post - you more than deserve this bonus tip! When you buy OEM Mother of Pearl Mosaic, always plan a little more space than you actually need. On the one hand, tiles could break when they are laid (when cutting or drilling).

On the other hand, you might want to replace one or the other tile in a few years, because you need a different connection height due to a new washbasin, for example.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

Customize your own home now: info@gauditile.com

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