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How to classify mother of Pearl Mosaic china?

2021.12.29 / By hqt

Recently, the popularity of such a finishing material as mother of Pearl Mosaic china has been growing. This became possible due to the emergence and development of new design trends and modern technologies for the production of mosaics from various raw materials.

mother of Pearl Mosaic china

Features of the production of pearl mosaic

The production of a square pearl tile begins with the formation of the base.

Features of pearl mosaic

 Before buying mother of Pearl Mosaic china, it is important to study the advantages and disadvantages of the material. Particular attention should focus on the following benefits:

Lack of conditions for the development of fungi and mold on the surface of the tiles

Due to the chemical properties of pearl elements, bacteria, fungi and mold do not grow on the tile surface. Moreover, this significant advantage gives you the confidence.  The tiles will last for many years and will bring joy with their original and modern appearance.

Universal care of mother of Pearl Mosaic china

The main care of this type of mosaic is extremely simple - it is quite regular (as it gets dirty) to wipe its surface with a damp cloth.

Resistance to external factors of influence

Therefore, it is advisable to use it even in rooms with a high operational load.

Modern and stylish appearance

The use of pearl mosaics in interior design is becoming more and more fashionable as the pearl retains its original appearance even over time.

Mosaic of this type will perfectly fit into the design of kitchen aprons, bathrooms, separate sections of the corridor and other rooms. Furthermore, the mother of Pearl Mosaic china looks advantageous on most decor elements decorated in modern or minimalist style.

 Where to buy pearl mosaic and how to choose?

 The first rule of a successful purchase of a pearl mosaic is not to choose a product on the "cheap and cheerful" principle. Very often, scammers operate on the domestic market that use not stainless pearls, but the most common aluminum, and such a mosaic, alas, will not last long. Similarly, buying a mosaic from a trusted and reliable supplier is a guarantee of confidence in the quality and long service life of the product.

Structure of fish scale mosaic tiles

This level of uniformity will determine the perfect aesthetic of the building. However, the size of each brick is very small, so the construction process takes a lot of time and requires meticulousness and high accuracy.

Size of fish scale mosaic tiles

Today, to make construction easier, brands have produced a line of bricks that are arranged and pre-attached in blisters. A blister usually consists of 18 tablets with a fish scale brick size of 30*30cm. Let's find out the structure of the most popular fish scale brick pattern:

The popular fish scale Mosaic tile size has 3 main layers:

Top layer: fish scale glass mosaic tile

Middle layer: a layer of specialized glue to create strong adhesion for bricks and blisters.

The bottom layer: is the mesh layer, also known as the blister.

Criteria for classifying mother of Pearl Mosaic china

Fish scale mosaic tiles are classified according to different factors suitable for each specific use. There are criteria common by experts to help users choose the most suitable and optimal fish scale tiles:

Fish scale mosaic tile - ordinary enamel

–    Embossed enamel: this type of mother of Pearl Mosaic china has a complex surface structure decorated with embossed patterns, creating a clear contrasting 3D effect. Fish scale ceramic tiles often have impressive designs, especially attractive colors that make the bricks more beautiful over time.

Fish scale mosaic tile - floating enamel

–    Reef enamel: this is a fish scale brick with a much more complicated production technique than ordinary enamel. The enamel coating on the treated surface creates delicate and beautiful stretch marks. Fish-scale kitchen tiles often use reef enamel thanks to their durable structure and outstanding properties.

Fish scale mosaic tile - reef enamel

Each type of enamel coating will bring its own color to each selected space. There are many colors of fish-scale glaze as well as a variety of color schemes for each individual user's aesthetic taste.

Modern production technology helps the tile glaze to be sharper and more durable for a long time. You don't have to worry about wear and tear or fading due to moisture, heat or chemicals like many other decorative tiles on the market.

What are the outstanding features of fish scale mosaic tiles?

 Possessing outstanding advantages compared to other paving materials, many users prefer to use it for their projects. The mother of Pearl Mosaic china comes by a special process, so it has many outstanding features such as:

  • Long service life, use time up to 20 years
  • Heat resistant, moisture resistant, reflective bring shimmering beauty
  • Compact size, can be flexibly combined to decorate according to personal preferences
  • Elegant color, delicate, easy to combine decoration
  • Easy and fast construction
  • Good waterproof, anti-slip effect
  • Easy to clean, wipe clean when dirty
  • Versatile application in all interior and exterior projects
  • Practical application of fish scale mosaic tiles

With many advantages, mosaic fish scale tiles are common in most spaces in the house. Depending on the location, choose the most suitable fish scale mosaic tiles.

Kitchen decoration with mother of Pearl Mosaic china

Ceramic material and glossy surface, fish scale kitchen tiles not only ensure aesthetics but also are easy to clean grease stains. Choose fresh colors to create a feeling of coolness and comfort.

Bathroom decoration: Fish scale tiles are inspired by fish scales, the air of rivers and seas creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation. In addition, with anti-slip ability and high aesthetics, mosaic tiles can both wall and floor tiles in bathrooms.

mother of Pearl Mosaic china 2022

Living room decoration: Use fish scale mosaic tiles to decorate the wall to bring a luxurious, polite space and mix a little bit of tradition to impress the viewer.

This type of tile is mainly common for wall cladding due to their shape characteristics. However, you can still use mother of Pearl Mosaic china to decorate and create accents for the background. Besides, in addition to the above popular applications, you can use it to cover the front of the house, decorate restaurants, bars ... to create more accents.

The most beautiful fish scale tile for each individual space

 Unique floor with high-class fish scale Mosaic tile idea. Furthermore, bright enamel and impressive design will make the house more colorful and impressive. Most of the fish scale tiles for the floor will be common in the bathroom or toilet.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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