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What is the process to apply Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale?

2021.12.29 / By hqt

In this blog post I explain how you can best process your Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale. I won't go into fine details. This blog post gives you a good overview of the basic work steps in dealing with mosaic stoneware. I'll tell you something about laying:

  • mosaic stoneware
  • cutting mosaic stoneware tiles
  • cut-outs for mosaic stoneware tiles
  •  drilling and grouting.


Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale

Just like earthenware, mosaic stoneware is usually laid using the "thin-bed method". The adhesive thickness of the mortar is then around 2 to 6 mm. In addition to the thin-bed process, there is also the buttering-floating process and the pure floating process.

The latter comes through the use of fluid bed mortar and is at the same time the simplest and therefore also the standard variant for indoor use.

What is the process to apply Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale?

The buttering-floating process is - as the name suggests. Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale is a combination of buttering and floating.

 Here, the thin-bed mortar applies to the substrate as well as to the back of the tiles or terrace slabs. This reduces voids between mortar and tile. Moreover, this is particularly important for the frost resistance of the tile outdoors.

 Just like with stoneware on the wall, care should be taken to ensure that the substrate is well prepared when laying mosaic stoneware.

Two photos show that the substrate and the back of the tile are coated with tile adhesive in the buttering-floating process.

How to select Mother of Pearl Mosaic?

In wet areas, for example in the shower area, the floor and walls should be sealed beforehand. You can also find seals in our online shop!

To ensure that the floor is dry, level and free of dust, it can or must in some cases also be treated with a primer. You can of course also find a selection of different branded quality primers with us!


Like earthenware, Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale is easy to cut by scoring with a wheel. As soon as the tile has been scored, it is easy to break evenly with even pressure to the right and left of the cut.

If you want to cut glazed mosaic stoneware, the glaze may split off when you cut with the Widia wheel. You can avoid such splinters (mouse teeth) by adjusting the pressure of the wheel on the tile. In the best case scenario, you should first wear a newly purchased Widia wheel a little before using it on the tiles.

 If it still splinters, you can also get fine cut wheels from specialist retailers. You can perform particularly critical cutting work with a diamond wet tile cutter. You can usually borrow this from tool rental companies or from building dealers.

How to buy Mother of Pearl Mosaic tiles?

My tip: If you buy tiles with a high slip resistance class and have to cut them, you can use wheels, which are specially designed for cutting terrace slabs. The rough surface of the tiles can be scored more easily with patio slab cutting wheels.

A craftsman cuts his tiles with a small tile cutter.

Cutouts are always necessary if, for example, heating pipes, sockets or water pipes are located directly behind the mosaic stoneware tiles. Cut-outs from Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale are not as easy to make as cut-outs from stoneware. The mosaic stoneware is a lot harder.

Therefore, in the best case scenario, use a one-hand angle grinder with a diamond cutting disc for cut-outs from mosaic stoneware tiles. If you drill additional holes with a diamond drill at the corners of the cutout, you will make your work easier. Cutouts can also be made with water jet technology.


Just like earthenware, mosaic stoneware can also be drilled. And here, too, it is particularly important that the tile lies flat and tightly on the substrate while drilling. If there are voids under the tile, there is a risk that the tile will break or tear if the pressure is too strong.

 When you have placed the tile securely on a level surface, you can then use the dry or wet method to drill your mosaic stoneware tiles with diamond hollow bits.


Grouting is the final step in laying mosaic stoneware. Only when the tiles have been completely laid and the tile adhesive has dried is grouting. The large number of different grouts makes it difficult to make the right Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale grout.

However, there are a few simple factors to consider when choosing your grout: Is it for indoor or outdoor use? How wide should the joint be: 1-10 mm or 2-20 mm?


The final cleaning will be necessary as soon as all laying work has been completed. With this last step, you can remove construction debris, grouting residues and cement residue.

Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale 2022

 If you have laid your tiles yourself and want to clean them afterwards, a cleaner with abrasive additives is recommended, as these are particularly suitable for simply removing more stubborn dirt.

A weakly acidic cleaner is particularly suitable for removing cement residue. Paint or varnish stains that appeared on the tiles during the construction phase should only be removed selectively with special cleaning agents.


This type of cleaning is necessary when heavy soiling has deposited on the tiles over the course of time. Here you can use weakly alkaline cleaners. But especially on tiles that are specially protected by a finish, clear water in combination with a neutral cleaner is usually sufficient.

 Mother of Pearl Mosaic wholesale is very easy and quick to clean. The gentler the cleaning agent, the longer the surface will look like new. So you not only protect the environment, but also the tile!


Ordinary neutral cleaners (pH value approx. 6.5 - 7.5) are usually best for the regular cleaning of your branded tiles. If they are used frequently, they attack the surfaces of the tiles and pollute the environment.

If it is really necessary, it is better to use weakly alkaline cleaners for heavier soiling, which are especially used in sanitary areas or showers in a row. In this way, body fat, cosmetics, dirt and other fats can also be removed from frequently used rooms.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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