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Dalile marble mosaic marble tile: 7 Attractive Features

2021.12.20 / By hqt

Glossy tiles are common a lot today and are widely popular. But using dalile marble mosaic marble tile, there are some customers who hesitate because they are common to matte glazed wood grain tiles. So should I use polished wood imitation bricks or not? And what position should it be common for?

 Please see below for more information.

Should I use polished wood imitation bricks?

Many people believe that only wood imitation bricks should be common with a dry glazed surface, because this type of brick will be more authentic and similar to natural wood. However, in fact, many families have successfully common the glossy dalile marble mosaic marble tile and made positive comments.

Dalile marble mosaic marble tile

Create a luxurious beauty

Tiles with a glossy surface design will help create a luxurious beauty for application spaces. Therefore, when you use wood imitation tiles with a glossy surface, it will also create a luxurious and modern beauty for the room.

Helps to expand the space area

The gloss on the surface of glass tiles when common as floor tiles will help create effects with light, thereby, helping to bring a more spacious feeling to the rooms.

Which space should be common with dalile marble mosaic marble tile?

The application of polished wood imitation bricks also requires certain principles to create the most harmonious beauty for the architecture.

Should choose polished wood imitation tiles for:

Spaces with a small area will be very suitable to use this type of brick. Because the faux wood design has a glossy surface, it will help create a more spacious feeling for the space.

Besides, you also need to pay attention not to use this type of tile for rooms and locations with too strong light intensity. Because the glossy enamel surface will reflect light, causing glare for the viewer.

Bathroom floor tiles are objects of special interest. Choosing the brick surface, brick material, tile size and color for this space can be quite a headache. However, you can refer to the information below that will help you a lot.

You can help the bathroom become cozier by using floor tiles with a bit dark tones such as: coffee color, dark brown, bronze, gray or beige… Benefits of choosing dark tiles color is that you don't have to worry too much about stains on the floor. Whether it's a polished tile or a rough surface, it's easy to clean floors.

Luxurious black background color

  • Impressive smoky gray
  • Attractive dark amber

You can make the bathroom gentle, airy, spacious, and clean if you use light-white tile flooring in combination with wall tiles with natural stone veins to help you feel like you are in harmony with nature and brings an extremely pleasant feeling when using dalile marble mosaic marble tile in the bathroom.

Bright and luxurious rattan-patterned stone tiles

In addition to the floor tiles, what makes you fall in love when entering the bathroom is the shimmering light from the ceiling lights or wall lights that blends with the colors of the floor tiles and wall tiles around the bathroom to create a unique atmosphere? The space couldn't be more charming.

So, no matter what color tile you choose, don't forget the light element to create accents and use enough for the bathroom.

Dalile marble mosaic marble tile 2021

Maintenance of dalile marble mosaic marble tile

Regular cleaning and maintenance of tiles is how you preserve the quality and beauty of your living space and the health of your family members. Therefore, this is a very important and necessary step to keep your living environment clean and beautiful at all times. The following tips will help you get the most effective and fast cleaning and maintenance measures.

Protect the floor with mosaic marble tile

Tiles must be kept clean, without cement, sand or other residues that create long-term plaque and/or cause scratches and abrasion on the tile surface.

Dalile marble mosaic marble tile Protected from damage comes by other construction activities such as painting, grinding, cutting, welding, etc. The effectiveness and durability of ceramic floor tiles or wall tiles depends not only on the installation process, but also related to the correct cleaning process:

According to the recommendations of experts from Italy, you need to use the right type of cleaning product, mix in the right ratio and right for each type of tile common / dirty.

Cleaning ceramic tiles and grout

On the surface of walls and floors, we often see two factors related to aesthetics, which are the surface of the brick and the grout lines - the contact space between the bricks. Both must be cleaned properly, especially avoiding the use of strong cleaning agents such as acids on dalile marble mosaic marble tile.

Avoid Cleaning Agents

 Acid-based substances will damage the cement-based tile and grout paste. Only using epoxy based tile adhesives can resist such strong acids.

There is an opinion that the floor tiles and wall tiles combined in one space will make the room smaller, narrower look.

And there is also the opposite opinion that the floor tiles and wall tiles common in combination will give the space a more airy, wider and deeper look and they are large format bricks. So which opinion is more reasonable or which one is better??

The right floor and wall tiles are a design choice based entirely on what you personally like. Here's what you need to know about dalile marble mosaic marble tile so you can make the best choice about them.

The differences between floor tiles and wall tiles:

As a general rule when using tiles of professional builders, ceramic tiles for walls, porcelain tiles for floors and large format tiles for floor tiles are small tiles for wall cladding.

However, with the modernity of production technology today you can completely use ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles for both walls and floors and small or large tiles can also be common for both floors and walls.

Difference between Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles

But there are some key differences between wall tiles and floor tiles. Floor tiles are very durable and wear-resistant. The PEI rating measures a brick's strength and durability.

This rates the tile's abrasion resistance on a scale of 0 to 5. Tiles do not bear much weight and are usually quite small and are made of ceramic. Tiles with ratings from one to five are good for floors like dalile marble mosaic marble tile.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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