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What are mosaic tiles melted glass projects: Gauditile Guide 2022

2021.12.15 / By hqt

Outstanding advantages - Practical application?

melted glass projects

Today, when decorating constructions, instead of using traditional monotonous paint colors, construction contractors and builders have chosen a paving material: melted glass projects. So what are mosaic tiles? What are the outstanding advantages of this material? All will be provided by Gauditile in the article below.

Table of contents

What is Mosaic- What is Mosaic Tile?

Application of mosaic tiles in practice

#first. Used for tiling floors and walls of buildings

#2. Use to decorate interior and exterior space

TOP 5 outstanding advantages of glass mosaic tiles

#first. High aesthetics

#2. Waterproof, lightweight and durable

#3. Compact size and elegant color

#4. Easy to clean

#5. Easy to use on many materials and decorative spaces

What is Mosaic Tile?

First, “What is Mosaic? In terms of basic definition: mosaic is a general term, talking about mosaic, joining small pieces together into an array of colors, patterns, shapes according to purpose. Furthermore, there was a time when people considered this to be a very popular mosaic art movement. Until now it is still loved by many people.

Ancient mosaic art

In the West, especially in ancient countries like Greece or Rome, thousands of years ago, people knew how to use mosaic to decorate houses, create paintings or famous and durable architecture. Hence, now young people turn mosaics into innovative street art mosaics.

Nowadays people also love melted glass projects.

Street mosaic art: melted glass projects

Mosaic tiles form from the finished product of the melting process at a high temperature of 800-1300 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it processes and roll into small pieces with the size of each piece from 2-10cm. Generally, it is also processed by a system of modern machinery and technology. Moreover, it connects them together in different styles, or available designs.

 Application of mosaic tiles in practice

Along with the strong development of the construction market, mosaic tiles are widely used in many different fields, from floor tiles to being used as a type of wall decoration, art paintings. great art…. However, there are two more popular applications:

#first. Used for tiling floors and walls of buildings

The small glass bricks make up of many different materials: glass, ceramic, stone, wood… Each type has its own name. In addition, this type of material uses in tiling floors or swimming pools or walls of kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, bedrooms, etc. You can also try melted glass projects.

Make the pool look more personal and colorful with melted glass projects

Glass mosaic tile, also known as glass mosaic tile are very famous. It makes from high quality glass material combine with a number of non-toxic natural minerals.

 Although, it is fired at a temperature of 800 to 1300 degrees Celsius, then baked, it rolls out into small bricks and glued together with grid or paper blisters... with outstanding durability and high aesthetics.

#2. Use to decorate interior and exterior space

Mosaic tiles widely use in interior and exterior decoration of the whole house and many different architectural works.

Decorate the hallway into a vivid picture

Glass mosaic tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor decoration projects. Furthermore, it brings aesthetics and modernity to the space, so recently they are very popular.

TOP 5 outstanding advantages of melted glass projects tiles

#first. High aesthetics

Glass mosaic tiles with many small bricks put together on a grid create a very beautiful design. Similarly, it creates an aesthetic for the work using the material.

The floor is like a magical symmetrical picture

With a variety of colors: From monochrome to multi-color and a variety of sizes, you can easily choose the right product for every melted glass projects.

#2. Waterproof, lightweight and durable melted glass projects

Modern production technology creates the preeminent feature of being very light and has good waterproofing properties. Moreover, it is very suitable for constructions in a country with a humid tropical monsoon climate like ours.

Especially with the north of our country, when it comes to spring, there is often a phenomenon of moisture, the use of mosaic tiles helps to quickly and conveniently clean up.

Beautiful and flashy swimming pool tiling

Besides, the product is not corrosive to chemicals, so it is very convenient for swimming pool tiling, where swimming pool chemicals often use. Moreover, this makes mosaic tiles the perfect and optimal swimming pool tile whether outdoors or indoors

#3. Compact size and elegant color

Therefore, mosaic tiles are suitable for decoration of indoor or outdoor spaces. From large spaces such as: Decorating the hall, lobby, swimming pool to spaces with a smaller area such as: bathroom tiles, kitchen, living room...’’

#4. Easy to clean

The product is extremely easy to clean while always ensuring brightness and color fastness. Furthermore, you can only need a soft cloth to quickly clean the stains on the surface of the tile. Moreover, this is the advantage for the product to become the first choice in kitchen tiling.

#5. We can use melted glass projects on many materials and decorative spaces

Products can create many different artistic colors, shapes, materials, mix into many shapes, on many materials and many decorative spaces.

melted glass projects 2021

In many western countries, creating mosaics or decorating floors, ceilings, walls, doors, etc. from mosaic tiles has become a very popular mosaic art, creating a prominent trend that has existed. Similarly, it is more than 4000 years old.

Mosaic bricks form during the melting process at a temperature of 800-1300 degrees Celsius. Then they process and rolled into small pieces with sides from 2-10cm and bonded them together according to available patterns, or ideas like. 

Moreover, melted glass projects make from many different materials such as glass mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles, stone mosaic tiles, wood mosaic tiles, etc.

The outstanding advantages of Mosaic tiles

Mosaic bricks are loved by many preeminent features such as:

  • Mosaic tiles are aesthetically pleasing, resistant to acids and are not abrasive by metal. Durable, good waterproof, not moldy
  • Adhesive with a special glue to form extremely strong bonding arrays. Durable, good impact resistance.
  • Products are available in various sizes and designs to suit any architecture. Therefore, they are suitable for wall and background tiling or for interior or exterior decoration.

Criteria for choosing to buy the best quality Mosaic tiles

Generally, when buying Mosaic bricks you need to determine what the bricks are used for. Here are 2 simple ways to classify Mosaic tiles

  • Choose to buy bricks by use

To classify by use Mosaic tiles are often used for 2 main purposes: wall and floor tiles or interior or exterior decoration.

Tiling walls, floors, and stairs: Should choose tiles with simple decoration and motifs without many floating stones.  In addition, it is necessary to harmoniously combine the architectural colors in the house.

Interior and exterior decoration: You can choose stone samples with eye-catching textures and decorations to make accents. In addition, using unique mosaic tiles is also an impressive way to make a difference.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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