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How to get melted wax off glass? Best Mosaic Tiles 2022

2021.12.17 / By hqt

How to get melted wax off glass 2021

How to get melted wax off glass? Melted wax room decoration mosaic tiles bring a modern, luxurious and very attractive space to customers. That is why this is a material that is loved by many people. Today Gauditile would like to introduce to you 5 impressive beautiful mosaic tiles. Let's start now!

Why should you use melted wax off tiles for Melted wax rooms?

 In addition to bringing beautiful construction aesthetics, mosaic tiles, also known as mosaic tiles, have many outstanding advantages. This is a very suitable choice for modern theater rooms:

Diverse models, outstanding colors: this is one of the advantages that many melted wax room business owners interest in. The product has many designs and colors for you to choose from. Especially for melted wax bars, you can absolutely find bricks with outstanding and attractive colors

Bright surface of melted wax off glass

How to get melted wax off glass? The tile surface has good light reflectivity. So, it always helps the tiling space to glow and shimmer. In the theater room, the light is often dark, so walls decorate with mosaic tiles that will create a strong impression.

Good durability: mosaic tiles manufacture on modern production lines, so the quality is guaranteed. Brick has good force resistance, good cracking resistance even when using hard objects such as hammers.

 Impressively beautiful Melted wax room mosaic tiles

In addition, another advantage is that it is very light and has good waterproof properties, so it is suitable for the humid tropical monsoon weather conditions in our country, especially in the humid spring weather.

Easy to clean:  mosaic tiles are resistant to stains, mildew. The surface is free from dirt, so it is easy to clean with a damp cloth or water. In the case of stubborn stains, use a vinegar solution or mild detergent.

Environmentally friendly melted wax off Mosaic tiles

Currently, there are many mosaic tile products that is easy to recycle from old materials. It is because to help protect the environment and be friendly to the health of people and family pets.

Installation on many materials and spaces: you can create creative combinations according to your personal taste with many shapes on many qualities and spaces in the theater room. Simply wall cladding or interior and exterior decoration from simple to complex are very beautiful.

TOP 5 impressive Melted wax room tiles Mosaic tiles

 With the above advantages, the use of Mosaic tiles for melted wax rooms, bars, beer clubs ... will definitely give you a new, beautiful and unique space. Here are 5 samples of bricks Gauditile would like to introduce to you

Backsplash Glass mix Stone Marble Mosaic Tile


How to get melted wax off glass? This line of glass mosaic tiles with code A1155 brings a luxurious and classy look with copper and metallic gold tones, very suitable for decorating singing and melted wax rooms.

In addition, it also has many outstanding advantages compared to brick products of the same type. The ability to catch light and high aesthetics is an advantage.

What is the material of melted wax of mosaic glass?

Made of solid glass and heated at high temperature, the size is 23 * 23 * 5mm, so users can easily combine many colors according to their preferences. Besides, the tiles are also light in weight, have good antibacterial and mildew resistance, making cleaning simpler and easier.

Decorative mosaic tiles code A1157

One of the best-selling and best-selling melted wax room mosaic tiles is A1157. Perhaps it is designed specifically for spaces that need dynamism, glitz and vibrancy.

The product design by yellow color and arranged in bars to create a unique and new look. In addition to the novel design, this special yellow color also makes a strong impression when combined with decorative electric lights in the room.

This brick model has a size of 5mm/small so it is very easy to transport. The surface layer of glass has a good shine, does not stain, creating a pleasant feeling.

Decorative mosaic tiles code A1152

How to get melted wax off glass

Still a popular brick pattern for decoration. The main silver tone highlights the decorative space, creating an eye-catching feeling. However, this is a rather picky template, so you need to be careful when designing, so ask for suggestions from experts.

How to get melted wax off glass? The glass bricks fire at high temperature and then roll into small squares with the size of 23 * 23 * 5mm. Tiles are resistant to mold, good stains and limit the possibility of being corroded with acids and alkalis.

Metallic gold mosaic tiles

The name alone is enough to make the reader notice the extremely striking color of the brick. The product has the main color tone of glittering golden yellow with good reflectivity to brighten up the space very beautifully.

 Metallic gold mosaic tiles to decorate Kraoke

In addition, outstanding features such as fireproofing, anti-corrosion, and waterproofing suitable for enclose spaces such as theater rooms. Bricks manufacture on modern technological lines which melt at a high temperature from 700 to 1000 degrees Celsius, then cut into squares with sizes from 2-10 cm and assembled into blisters of standard size 30 * 30*3.2mm

Evaluation criteria to choose quality Melted wax decorative tiles

 To ensure the aesthetic quality of the work, the selection of bricks is a very important part. Here are some selection criteria:

Economic ability: before building a melted wax room, you need to make a reasonable calculation plan so that it is easy to take the initiative. Need to estimate the amount of money to buy specific mosaic tiles to help you spend the most reasonable.

Quality of bricks: when buying bricks, you should observe carefully with your eyes and touch them directly with your hands to ensure that the glaze is still shiny and not broken. In addition, the standards of waterproofness, durability and longevity need to be taken care of. In addition, product origin and origin are also a criterion for evaluation and consideration.

Models, colors: The theater space will be really attractive if the appropriate use of decorative tiles of different colors and sizes to create their own effects. You can create accents with stars, or stylized flowers…

Decorative mosaic tile with code A1177for Melted wax room

Decorative mosaic tiles code A1177

How to get melted wax off glass? This is a line of high-class decorative tiles with extravagant colors. The product has two main colors, warm brown and white.

It comes from solid glass material with meticulous and elaborate production process. Glass heat at a high temperature to 1000 degrees Celsius and roll into small squares with dimensions of 48*48(6+12)mm.

The product has good gloss, does not stain and is resistant to moisture and mold. Similarly, it is very easy to clean. You can mix and match with as many colors as you like.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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