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5 Best Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles in 2022

2021.12.20 / By hqt

Beautiful mosaic tiles 2021

Mother of pearl mosaic is considered the face of a building, so choosing the right product is extremely important. To serve the needs and tastes of customers, the market of mosaic tiles has produced a variety of models. The current trend of users is emerging with the lines of large format tiles, marble tiles, ... and some other models, let's find out with us.

1. Large format tiles

Large format tiles have common sizes 80*80, 60*120, 100*100. With the advantages of fully meeting the requirements of all architectural works with solid structure. Good elasticity, high bears capacity, luxurious design.

This line of tiles is often applied to high-end projects such as commercial centers, hotels, villas,...

2. Mother of pearl mosaic

Mother of Pearl Mosaic

Marble tile is a familiar line of tiles and has been around for a long time, but it has always been in the top trend of the mosaic tile market in Vietnam for many years.

3. Wood grain tiles

Wood grain tiles are considered a major turning point in the mosaic tile industry and are trending in recent years. Considered as the optimal product instead of the most suitable and optimal natural wood floor.

The wood grain tile line has its own advantages, delicate and natural design and is not inferior to real wood. Using this type of tiles both saves and protects wood resources, so it is very popular.

In addition, mother of pearl mosaic has a smooth surface, better bearing capacity than natural wood and can meet all weather conditions in Vietnam. Not rough, curved like wood, not moldy, cracked due to frequent exposure to water or sunlight in a humid environment.

4. Imitation mother of pearl mosaic

In addition to wood grain tiles, concrete tiles are also popular thanks to their luxurious and wonderful feeling.

It possess a simple beauty but no less sophistication. Besides, concrete tiles have high durability, high bearing capacity and are often used for flooring.

5. Tiles with special colors

Finally, a new tiles product with a variety of impressive colors: black, navy, turquoise, ... is also creating a trend.

The colors are outstanding and strange, so it can be difficult for customers if they don't know how to mix them properly. However, once the rules are found, it will create an extremely ideal, modern space and enhance the elegance of the building.

Note: Customers need to grasp the mother of pearl mosaic color scheme so as not to lose the aesthetics of the work, and at the same time maximize the advantages of this type of tiles.

Each type of tiles has its own advantages, so before choosing a product, customers need to determine their use needs, construction structure and characteristics of each product in order to choose the right product waste and do not lose the absolute applicability of the product.

Tell you how to choose the right mother of pearl mosaic for the project!

When designing and building any building, the choice of tiles can be considered the most time-consuming problem of the homeowner. Because of choosing the right product, it creates its own style and honors the elegance of the project. So how to choose the right mosaic tile, please read our article below.

1. The size of the tiles must match the living room area

Creating the perfect living space is always a matter of great concern and concern through the home design process. The first impression when entering a house is always the living room, so choosing tiles for this area is very important.

To meet the needs of the consumer market, mother of pearl mosaic is increasingly diverse in size and design, creating richness in each space. Besides, the simple and gentle design style also contributes to soothing the feeling of stress after a long tiring day, bringing a feeling of relaxation.

Living room mosaic tiles

Mother of Pearl Mosaic 2021

+ For houses with a living room > 6m wide, the size of 800*800mm is the most suitable, bringing a more luxurious and airy feeling to the house.

However, there are not many houses of this size in Vietnam. So in order to move towards a new space, a modern trend for homes with smaller and more limited space, the manufacturer has launched many models with sizes around 400*400mm or 450*450 in a variety of designs to create balance for the project.

3. The tile surface structure is suitable for the bathroom

Clean, shiny landscape will be what customers are always interested in. However, bathroom floors are almost 100% exposed to water during all days. Using a smooth floor is a big mistake, because it's easy to slip, causing danger to users.

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, modernization in prototyping and design, it is not difficult to create tiles products with surfaces that can be applied to many different projects. Typically, it has excellent anti-slip properties.

From matte to rough or rough surfaces, customers can freely choose their favorite mother of pearl mosaic with a variety of colors and patterns while still meeting high slip resistance. It should be noted that the roughness of the tiles can sometimes negatively affect the moving experience.

4. Pay attention to the grout lines during construction

Diversity of models and sizes is an advantage for customers to easily choose, but sometimes it is also a disadvantage when performing construction. Need to distinguish the needs of decorative wall tiles and flooring is different.

Wall tiles are usually smaller in size, thinner than floor tiles. The problem that can occur when performing construction is that the wall tiles are small in size, not proportional to the floor tiles, which are grout lines. The gratings run out of rhythm, causing the landscape to be interrupted and not seamless.


The mother of pearl mosaic is too small, causing the wall to be cluttered and the grout unsightly. Cloudy white tiles have never been hot and we can see it in many architectural works today. The color is bright and gentle, suitable in most spaces without being picky at all. The white rattan patterned floor tiles are also very diverse in designs such as white, milky white, gray white...

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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