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If you really want to improve the acoustic of your living room then go for this 3d wall art. It never fails to decorate and improve your space. Its detailing is extremely delicate that can make fall everyone in love. Its texture is eye captivating and also brightens up the day.

Handmade flower 3d wall art decor glass tile round mosaic medallion floor patterns


Handmade Flower 3D wall Art Décor Glass Tile Round Mosaic Medallion Floor Patterns bring out the best of your home. This amazing wall décor is perfect for hiding imperfections of the walls. These tiles have the capability to make rooms livable. Also, check out Blooming Flowers Restaurant Bedroom Wall Art Mosaic Glass Mural Design Wall Tile, it is perfect for making restaurant projects successful. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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    Glass & Marble



  • The very first quality of these wall art tiles is that they come up with fire-resistant quality.
  • If you are looking for easier interior decoration then you must get your hands over this.
  • Its weight is extremely lighter that makes the installation process much easier.
  • Everything is in perfection because of its stone.
  • High-quality glass has been utilized in its making.
  • It is made by using handmade flower this is why it is unique, classy and far better than other 3d arts.
  • The thing that will inspire you the most is its low maintenance, no rocket science is required in its cleaning process.
  • Perfect for delivering an extravagant look.
  • It comes up with comfortable environmental factors and qualities.
  • If you choose these tiles then trust me it would be one of the extraordinary decisions.


  • If you have not gone for 3D Art wall tiles yet then trust me you have been missing out on a modern things. Because Mosaic 3d Art wall décor is one of the greatest and mind-blowing methods to add detailing in the room.


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