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The gentle art of Hand Cut Wall Picture with intimate Glass Pattern of Flower will optimize the dimensions of your house. The void of colors attracts the attention of amazing view by its Mural Mosaic Art.

Foshan Supplies Wholesale Modern House Hand Cut Wall Picture Pattern Ceramic Glass Flower Mural Mosaic Art Tiles Custom Design


Hand-Cut Wall Picture Pattern Ceramic Glass Flower Mural Mosaic Art Tiles Custom Design is simply Gorgeous. These tiles are simply perfect for transforming your house into a modern look. Each and every inch of these Glass Flower Mural Mosaic Art Tiles speaks for its elegance. You should also try this latest design Customized Handmade Antique Classic Natural Glass Mosaic Tiles Art Wall Mural For Interior OEM Hotel Commercial Project. It also has its own class and pattern. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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Contrast and combination will extract the quality of the hand-cut strength of that glass. This masterpiece has the power to locate the iconic identification of your wall art. These custom tiles will update the living standard of your home. Your ordinary wall with this handmade pattern of glass flower glorifies its look. Colors reflection after the glaze of light enhances its beauty.


Quality and strength

  • Quality and strength play the functional role of beauty and hand-cut flower design.
  • Every pattern with balanced weight and solid endurance makes a better standard for your wall.
  • The life of this art is way beyond expectations because of solid content.
  • It’s worth is utilized in the handmade perfection with solid attitude at your wall.
  • Other features are committing the best quality product and visualize the higher grade of Glass.
  • Color Grading
  • The depth of color used will require your attention to understand the diverse pattern of this art.
  • Presenting over the wall this art has always a quality weight.
  • Chemicals that are used to draw the handmade pattern have an attractive color contrast with illuminating power.
  • It will make you sure about the size that can be adjusted just with your recommendations.
  • You will notify the change of seasonal affection to limitless boundaries of this amazing art.


DIY Multiple Styles, Widely used in scenarios

Various finishes, sizes, materials

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