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These tiles are well known for home as well as hotel room décor. These tiles are subjected to the most beautiful and decent color coating that made these tiles super glossy and attractive. The reason behind the elegancy is its playful mosaic pattern that enhances the glass texture.

Customized Glass Tile Wall Art Murals Mosaic Glass Hand Cut Picture For Home Hotel Room Decoration


When it comes to décor hotels or homes then the very first thing that comes up in every mind is luxury and elegance. Especially the versatility in color surprising can be a game-changer. If your priorities are these then go for Customized Glass Tile Wall Art Murals Mosaic Glass Hand Cut Picture. If you want to invest in something worthy then go for Glass ART Wall Mosaic Craft tiles for decor background . You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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    Glass & Marble



  • These tiles are perfect for making a hotel project successful.
  • If you want to draw your guest's attention then utilizing these tiles would be super compatible.
  • You will find these tiles less vulnerable and thicker as compared to other ordinary tiles.
  • Superior clinging to pressed 90’ glossy style.
  • White color is constant in all pieces whereas other diverse colors have been utilized.
  • Besides hotel projects, you can utilize this well-known structure wherever you want.
  • It's luxury and elegance would never let your confidence down.
  • In case of any accidental breaking, you will never get to see any change in its concealing so tiles can be easily repaired without putting in more money.
  • Its design is extremely hassling-free and comes up with 100% color quality as well as texture assessments.


  • If you want to know about how exactly where to utilize these tiles contact us today and know everything about its installation places in detail.
  • Its each and every inch is in accordance, be it a design, texture or any color scheme everything fulfills fashionable requirements.


DIY Multiple Styles, Widely used in scenarios

Various finishes, sizes, materials

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