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When it comes to modernism as well as style then no tile is capable to meet this stainless steel mosaic design. If anybody asks us to describe this tile beauty in a single word then we would definitely go for a modernism. It would be an ideal choice for those who have strict budget.

Modern home design style sliver stainless steel mosaic


Modern Home design Style Silver Stainless Steel Mosaic Tile is extremely stylish. The touch of stainless steel is sufficient to describe the beauty of this tile. Another good option that we can suggest you is Gaudi Glass Tile Factory Customize Popular Glass Premium Mosaic Tile for wall Decoration, it would be a best compromise for your hard earned money. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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  • MATERIALaluminum panel
  • SIZE
    300 * 300 * 4mm
    brushed mix mirror
  • MOQ
  • USE
    interior wall decoration



  • You can utilize this tile for featured walls, around fireplace, countertops etc.
  • It is also a good option of stairways, hallways as well as TV lounge.
  • Another amazing quality of this tile is that it helps in bouncing light off because glass comes up with a reflective nature. This quality makes it an ideal choice for those rooms that is dull and boring.
  • We guarantee you that you and visitors coming over you have not come across such modern and stylish design ever.
  • The touch of stainless steel gives its 100% in making tile luxurious, decent and attractive.
  • You can even install it in the hotel room as a featured wall trust me guest would love to visit your place again and again for such eye captivating design.
  • Because of stainless steel design it is extremely easier to clean, whether its dust, grease or spills simply with a damp cloth everything can be cleaned easily.


  • Its price are normal as compared to other tiles, it delivers you a luxurious look in such affordable budget.
  • Trust me this could be the perfect compromise that you are hoping to balance with design.


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