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We are damn sure that you have never been to triangle leaf shaped aluminum tile ever because it’s latest and especially designed for kitchen wall up gradation. Despite delivering good looks this mixed mosaic wall tile accommodates you with extremely low maintenance.

New leaf - shaped aluminum triangle mixed Mosaic wall kitchen golden


New Leaf Aluminum Triangle Mosaic Tile comes into being for Wall Kitchen. It is very special because of the golden shade; this shade has capability to give a spacious look to any place. Metal Mosaic Background Aluminum tile with Ceramic Bottom Mosaic for Wall also worthy for your money. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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    Aluminum with ceramic bottom
  • SIZE
    300 * 300 * 8mm
  • MOQ
  • USE
    interior wall decoration



  • We guarantee you that after installation you will experience timeless beauty because of higher durability as well as sustainability.
  • Its artistry and glossy appearance make it a perfect choice for featured walls.
  • Utilize it for wall accenting wherever you want, perfect for kitchen. Don’t you worry about baking disasters, grease and spills its surface is very easier to clean as well as maintain.
  • It is far better and less expensive as compared to stainless steel tile because of durability, appearance and in terms of cost.
  • Buy it fearlessly as an artistic addition to your home decor to be enjoyed for generations.
  • We guarantee you that it is one of the most practical way to sustain the level of heat in the kitchen without compromising over the beauty and quality of tile.


  • Hire a professional for installation, wrong installation can spoil the look and also impacts the quality of tile.
  • Its size is 300 * 300 * 8mm and weight is 0.87kg which is quite compatible for any region.
  • After installation you don’t have to worry about dust and dirt, simply clean it with a damp cloth without compromising over tile quality.
  • Its prices, quality and design everything is in accordance.




We provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.

  • Can we order goods from you directly?

    Yes, we look forward to receiving your order. However, please note our minimum purchase quantitly. If you require smaller quantities we will be happy to arrange an individual delivery. We would be delighted to assist you.

  • Will it make my life better? Why?

    Of course, The products we produce are environmentally friendly and harmless, with various styles.

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