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One of the most durable tiles with the best finishes, this tile is going to work wonders for you especially when installed in the kitchen or the bathroom. Not only the backsplash, in fact, you can even use this tile for the countertops or the walls of your kitchen. It’s unique and the marble looks super good so it will definitely enhance the visual appeal of your place. It’s one of the most beautiful and intricately designed tiles that we have for you to use in your homes and offices.

Light Grey Marble Glass Tiles Kitchen Backsplash Glass Mozaic Foshan Factory


The Light Grey Marble Glass Tiles Kitchen Backsplash Glass is best suitable for your kitchen’s backsplash as well as your bathrooms walls and floorings. Unique light grey color, marble tile and the best design ever, this tile can help you achieve your home decor objectives without any hassle. Also buy Printed Glass and White Marble Hexagon Tiles Foshan China Factory Stock Price, You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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    73 * 148 * 8mm
  • SIZE
    300 * 300 * 8mm
  • MOQ
  • TILE USEinterior wall decoration



  • White marble looks excellent and quite elegant no matter where you install it.
  • Even if you want, you can use this tile in your living area or for wall art purposes.
  • To make the best use of this tile, you can opt for some other contrasting colored tiles as well for a little mix and match.
  • Marble is known to be one of the best and the most solid tile materials ever so you don’t have to stress about damaging or cracking it.


  • Very easy to clean and maintain, if you take care of this tile, it can serve you new for as long as 20 years or more.
  • Using this tile will automatically increase the value of your house because white marble has a reputation for bringing elegance and decency.
  • For installation, you probably won’t have to seek professional help and can do it yourself because that’s how easy it is due to the right thickness of the tile.



*These are general recommendations as every project is dfferent. Check with your store associate or contact customer sevice for speific recommendations for your pojec.

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