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It’s high time to design your home with this glossy black glass mosaic tile and add a hint of colors to your space so that it looks good. No matter what kind of an interior you have, this black tile will look good with everything. Whether it’s your office, your bathroom, your kitchen or your living room, you can use this tile anywhere without worrying about it matching your interior. One of the best things about this tile is that it’s water resistant and it’s resistant to damage too.

China Factory Wholesale Price Black Glossy Glass Mesh-Mounted Mosaic Wall Tile


This Black Glossy Glass Mesh-Mounted Mosaic Wall Tile is our most favorite product. It comes with all the right looks that people usually want when buying tiles. Best color combination, this mesh mounted mosaic wall tile can be the best investment you’ll ever make for home decoration. Also buy Glass Mosaic Bathroom Kitchen Backsplash China Factory Price, You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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    Glass & Marble
    48 * 48 * 6mm
    300 * 315 * 6mm



  • One of the most beautiful articles, this tile is totally worth your money for a number of reasons.
  • It’s solid, durable and beautifully constructed so that you get the value that you are paying for.
  • This tile is visually appealing and can make your place look more spacious and more bright.
  • The hexagon shape is the best thing about this tile that makes it very appealing. This is the reason why you can even use it on your patio.


  • Maintaining and cleaning this tile is the easiest thing ever. You just need a cotton cloth to remove the dust and debris and if in case of grease, you can use a light cleaning agent too.
  • Polished glazed tiles that can look quite good especially if you put them in some place where the lighting is perfect.
  • This tile reflects light and that would create a whole other beautiful view for you.


*These are general recommendations as every project is dfferent. Check with your store associate or contact customer sevice for speific recommendations for your pojec.

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