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Are you really searching for top notch divider and floor tiles? GAUDI carries the best to fulfill their clients and to make their homes lovely and safe. We have a wide assortment of home stylistic layout Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick tiles, divider tiles, foundation tiles, and pool tiles. From treated steel to aluminum, glass, clay, and marble, there is something for everybody.

GAUDI Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick Bathroom Wall 75x300mm Mosaic Tiles

Also get your hands over Guadi Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick Bathroom Wall 75x300mm mosaic tiles. It specialty is its white graceful color and brick like look. It is comparatively lesser in price as compared to other traditional tiles. Foshan China Supplies New Trend Splash Back Kitchen Bathroom Crystal Glass Mosaic Tile is also a good option. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

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  • SIZE
    75 * 300 * 8mm


  • MOQ
    interior wall decoration



  • These Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick are ready with excellent material. GAUDI is extremely mindful about the material determination to furnish its clients with the most ideal thing.
  • Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick are much cleaned. It makes them shimmering and lustrous more than traditional tiles. Worthy because it’s a combo of marble plus glass.
  • As portrayed by its name, the Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick don't need specialists for establishment. You can just need simple guidelines and take advantage of the ideal region.
  • Install them between the kitchen ledge and cupboards to make a backsplash.
  • You can protect the dividers that are presented to dampness by adhering these Cheap Price White Marble Glass Brick to them.
  • GAUDI assists you with designing your home most effectively and expediently. It conveys your item in 25 days.
  • The tile retailer likewise gives client care to assist its purchasers in regards to tile fixing and other pertinent issue.
  • Its design, fade resistant quality, durability, strength rate make it unique from other tiles.



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    Yes, we look forward to receiving your order. However, please note our minimum purchase quantitly. If you require smaller quantities we will be happy to arrange an individual delivery. We would be delighted to assist you.

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    Of course, The products we produce are environmentally friendly and harmless, with various styles.

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