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Are melted glass bottles easy to clean with zero effort?

2021.11.17 / By hqt

Cleaning the glass tiles of the house is one of the issues that every homeowner cares about. The reason is that the melted glass bottles of the house are not clean, not only unsightly but also can reduce the life of the building. We provide information on how to clean dirty glass bottles most effectively in the article below.

melted glass bottles

How to have a clean melted glass bottles?

 This is a common question of many homeowners, basically to have a clean glass tiles the most important thing is to perform regular cleaning. Some good tips on how to clean dirty glass tiles to make the cleaning process most effective and fast are as follows.

Use a broom and brush with soft bristles to remove dirt. You can completely use a vacuum cleaner to both clean and not scratch the melted glass bottles. You can mix 1 teaspoon with water and lavender oil to spray on stains on the glass tiles. After that, remove stains quickly and simply.

When cleaning the glass tiles, you need to pay attention to pumping water from the bottom of the glass tiles to the top. This will help limit the fact that the water carries dirt from above, causing your efforts to be ruined.

 Should clean the glass tiles of the house regularly

In the process of cleaning the glass tiles, you also need to pay attention to an issue that is to avoid letting the wrist accidentally touch the melted glass bottles and cause stains. Just use a clean cloth to wrap around the wrist. The manipulation is also not affected when you wrap the towel.

How to clean the glass tiles depends on the type of glass tiles

 In fact, with each building material, the cleaning will not be the same. Cleaning wooden glass tiles will be different from paper glass tiles.

Cleaning glass tiles papered glass tiles will be different from non-papered glass tiles. Below are detailed instructions on cleaning steps with different materials.

How to clean melted glass bottles with glass tiles paper

Glass tiles paper has relatively specific properties, so the cleaning method is also quite separate. Please perform the following steps. Perform the removal of the entire layer of dirt on the surface of the melted glass bottles paper. You can use a broom or a clean towel.

Use a cleaning solution or you can mix a mixture of ammonia with warm water to treat pencil or pen stains. If the stain is oily or greasy, you can use soap and warm water.

How to clean the glass tiles of the house without glass tiles paper

In case the glass tiles of the house do not have glass tiles paper when cleaning, it still has to deal with dirt. You can use a towel or broom to clean the dust that is clinging to the glass tiles.

Grease stains: Use an absorbent paper to place on grease stains. Then use a warm iron to iron this paper. Then the grease will gradually seep into the paper. Use cornstarch or talcum powder to dissolve it with water.

Use the paste to apply on the sticky stains on the melted glass bottles. After a period of time, use a towel to clean the treated glass tiles area.

For pencil marks: Use the tool to scrape off the outer layer. Then use a pencil eraser to remove the stain. In case the pencil eraser does not clean, you can use bread to rub it evenly on the pencil stain. The effect will surely surprise you.

How to clean wooden glass tiles?

Glass tiles covered with wood have special properties compared to normal masonry glass tiles. Therefore, the way to clean wood-paneled glass tiles also has its own distinct points. Clean all remaining dirt on the floor surface using a soft cloth or broom.

You can use specialized cleaning water or warm water combined with soap when the wooden melted glass bottles are dirty. White vinegar can be used to remove stubborn stains.

 How to clean wooden house glass tiles

In the process of cleaning wood-paneled glass tiles, you need to be careful not to use water to spray too hard. Standing water on wooden joints that cannot be drained for a long time will cause mold and termites. Besides, please clean the work when there is wind so that the wood can dry quickly.

How to clean melted glass bottles with specific types of stains

melted glass bottles 2021

 Each type of stain on the melted glass bottles will have a different treatment to be most suitable and effective. Therefore, the first thing to do when dealing with it is to determine the exact type of stain caused.

Stains caused by mold

This is very common in our country. The reason is that our country has a humid tropical monsoon climate. The amount of moisture is often high, so it can easily affect and affect the glass tiles, causing the phenomenon of glass tiles mold.

How to clean moldy glass tiles?

The best way to handle this situation is to use white vinegar to spray the moldy surface. After waiting for a while for the vinegar to soak into the mold, use clean water to wipe it off.

Stains from pencils and paints

The condition of the melted glass bottles of the house being dirty due to paint or pencil appears quite a lot, especially in families with many young children. The problem sometimes makes it difficult for homeowners to carry out cleaning.

The solution to this problem is to use vinegar. You can use a soft cloth or brush soaked in vinegar and then gently rubs it on the stain. After the ink stain has soaked in vinegar, wipe it with clean water to have a new surface.

How to clean glass tiles with pencil and paint stains?

How to deal with dust stains?

Dealing with dust stains on the melted glass bottles of the house is a common problem. The simplest way is to use a brush or clean cloth to wipe. The next step is to use a sponge soaked in soda water. Then wipe it on the glass tiles. The method not only removes dust, but also helps to make the glass tiles of your home shiny.

Mud stains

A familiar question is from many homeowners, especially with projects of rural families. In this case, the simplest and most effective way is to use a tool to remove all surface stains.

Then, use water to pump to the areas you just shaved. However, try to do it very gently so that the stain does not spread to the surrounding areas.

Dull black stains on the melted glass bottles

The most effective way to deal with black and dull stains on the melted glass bottles is to use toothpaste. A very simple way to do it is to rub toothpaste on the stain. Then we need to wait for a short time, when the toothpaste has absorbed into the stain, clean it with a towel.

Coffee, wine and soda stains

The case of dirty glass tiles due to drinks often makes it difficult to handle. In fact, these stains are difficult to clean if we only use common measures. Here are effective tips from our experts.

Preparation: Need to prepare tools such as soft towels, special detergents and mild detergents.  Use regular detergent mixed with a sufficient amount of warm water.

Then use a soft cloth to absorb the solution and wipe the stain. In case the stain is not clean, use 1 more time with specialized detergent to clean it completely.

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