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Find A Quick Way to Installing Glass Mosaic Tile

2022.04.29 / By hqt

Preparation for installing glass mosaic tile

If you want to install glass mosaic tile within your wall tiles, proceed as follows: Plan the mosaic tiles so that they are e.g. B. run symmetrically behind or next to the shower fitting. But another division is also possible.

Installing Glass Mosaic Tile

 After sealing the surface, first lay the wall tiles and leave out the area for the mosaic tiles. It is ideal if you choose the width of the recess according to the size of the mosaic tiles.

Laying mosaic tiles instructions

Installing glass mosaic tile are usually not as thick as wall tiles, so you need to put an underlay in the recess to compensate for the difference in height. As a base z. B. a Jack board building board suitable. When choosing the panel thickness, consider the tile adhesive for the building panel and the smaller teeth of the smoothing trowel for the tile adhesive of the mosaic tiles.

Cut the building board to the width of the recess:

Place it on a base and cut into the board along a straight line (rubbing) with the cutter knife. Then all you have to do is snap it off and cut it completely with the knife. Drill holes for water connections in the plate with a drill collar. Then insert the plate with tile adhesive in the recess.

How we laying mosaic tiles?

Glue the mosaic tiles with natural stone flexible adhesive. To do this, mix the glue in a clean mixing container according to the manufacturer's instructions about installing glass mosaic tile.

Use a slow-speed mixer or a spiral mixer on the drill. You do not need to pretreat the previously installed Jack board construction board, it is ready to lay. Apply the adhesive evenly with a notched trowel with 3 mm notches.

Laying mosaic tiles instructions

04 On the building plugs of the water connections, you can cut out individual stones from an excess mosaic mat for the required recesses. To do this, simply cut through the fabric on the back with the cutter knife.

Then insert the mosaic into the adhesive bed. Normally, the cover rosettes of the fitting are sufficient to cover the free places on the water connections. If the gaps are too big, you can use a pair of pliers to crush individual stones and insert them into the gaps.

Floor-level shower tiles

Proceed as follows for a shower element for a floor-level shower: As well as, for installing glass mosaic tile sealing the surface then firstly lay the wall tiles, then the floor tiles outside of the shower.

To tile the shower element, mix the required amount of natural stone flexible adhesive in a clean container. Apply the adhesive to the shower element with the appropriate toothing - it is best to first apply only a partial area and lay the mosaic tiles on it. So you can still enter the shower element and work comfortably. Start laying the mosaic tiles on one side of the wall and then work towards the drain.

Laying mosaic tiles instructions

For installing glass mosaic tile place the mosaic mat in the bed of glue and align it along the edge. Depending on the mosaic (here a natural stone mosaic) you can add the following mats seamlessly.

The arrangement of the individual mosaic stones is chosen in such a way that they interlock from mat to mat. You can press the mat into the adhesive bed with a rubber board. Make sure that no glue squeezes out of the joints.

Laying mosaic tiles instructions

You can adjust individual filling stones with the pliers. Irregular edges do not bother; they even match the laying pattern.

Insert the filler stones into the gaps while the glue isn't dry yet. You can also take out individual stones from a superfluous mosaic mat and place them in the gap.

Tile tub support for Mosaic tiles

Installing glass mosaic tile are particularly suitable for round surfaces. Thanks to the flexible mats, almost all curves can be tiled. First measure the required width on the tub support. If possible, push the mosaic tiles under the edge of the tub.

Cut the mats to the required width with the utility knife. Simply cut through the fabric on the back.

You use dispersion adhesive on hard foam tub supports. This is already ready to use. Apply the adhesive to the tub support with a notched trowel. Use tootling to match the mosaic; for mosaic tiles one usually chooses a smaller tooting.

Then press the mosaic mats one after the other into the adhesive bed. We should follow the Instruction for installing glass mosaic tile .No adhesive should escape from the joints.

Laying mosaic tiles instructions

You now place the first mosaic mat in the adhesive bed. Work from the bottom up; the fabric on the back of the mosaic tiles lies in the adhesive bed. Use a rubber board to press the mat evenly into the adhesive. Make sure that the surface for installing glass mosaic tile is flush with the adjacent wall tiles.

Installing Glass Mosaic Tile 2022

Installing features of mosaic tiles

Wait until the tile adhesive is dry before grouting. Mix the natural stone grout in a clean mixing container according to the manufacturer's instructions. For precise and easy portioning, you can use a special portion bucket. The amount of water required for the grout or tile adhesive is printed on it. So you are on the safe side.

Apply the joint mortar for installing glass mosaic tile with the joint board and rub it into the joints. When the grout has become dull and light-colored, it has dried (stiffened) and can be washed off with a rubber squeegee and clean water. After grouting, remove the building protection or the cover on the central drain on the shower element.

Laying mosaic tiles instructions

You grout the transition between wall and floor with permanently elastic natural stone silicone. Apply the silicone evenly and bubble-free with a cartridge gun. Then you can scrape it off with a joint smoother.


Flex grout: Only use the special adhesives and grout for installing glass mosaic tile marble and granite. Flex joint mortar has a higher adhesive strength - therefore do not allow the adhesive to dry on the tile surface and clean the tools with water immediately after use. 

It is suitable for joints up to 5 mm on walls and floors, inside and outside. Avoid strong contrasts between tiles and grout color.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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