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How to choose CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles?

2022.05.09 / By hqt

CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles

CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles on the market today are very diverse and rich. That is your opportunity to have many options to have the product you want. But this is also difficult if you do not have experience to choose products. Please refer to the information below to help you choose the best suitable products.

Born from the handmade hands of skilled workers, mosaic tiles always bring a lot of aesthetic beauty with the highest artistic value. This is also considered a very long-lasting paving material, so it is very durable in many architectural works.

Hexagonal CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles

Hexagonal CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles bring a new decorative feature thanks to the different 6-sided design compared to other types of ceramic tiles. These tiles can be used to create many decorative tile styles, changing the space with a new multi-morph look.

Dubbed as the brick line with the most versions from the variety in size, color, surface to the rough version of antique brick, it offers many suggestions for special tile recipes.

Wood imitation brick

Natural wood imitation color is an impressive feature to create the attraction of this brick line. Tiles have the same color and surface as wooden floors but are much more durable and waterproof.

Stone grain tiles

For those who love luxury with high aesthetics, this tile should not be ignored. The color of the stone vein is inspired by natural stone, so the tile surface design is extremely elaborate and delicate, bringing the most authentic beauty.

Decorative 3D CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles

3D brick is known as a trendy style connecting the most prominent modern trend houses. Brick paintings have many realistic and vivid meanings along with 3D effects that bring the trend of art paintings full of elegance and sophistication.

CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles 2022

When you choose CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles, it means that you know how to mix colors, styles, combine textures ... for your space. Proper use of wall tiles will increase the life of the building and enhance the beauty of the house. However, to do that, you need to know how to choose wall tiles and coordinate the right standards. Here's some information that can help you do just that.

Interior wall tiles

Wall tile products will be used for living spaces in the house such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet,.... Depending on the area and characteristics of the room used, wall tiles will have different characteristics.

Living room wall tiles

This is the central space and also the face of the house. It is a place where the whole family gathers and welcomes guests. Therefore, the right tile pattern will require sophistication and elegance. With many designs of ceramic tiles today, customers can freely choose the right CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles.

Bedroom CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles

With a small and medium area, homeowners should choose the corresponding wall tile size to create harmony and balance. Priority should be given to wall tiles that are designed to be warm and gentle to help members in the space get the most comfortable and comfortable feeling.

Bathroom wall tiles, toilets

With the particularity of the bathroom space, the restroom is a humid environment and is often exposed to chemicals. Besides, this space also needs to be youthful, comfortable and create a feeling of relaxation. Therefore, you should give priority to choosing tiles that are waterproof, resistant to alkalis and acids. The surface of the tile will help prevent stains and is easy to clean.

Kitchen wall tiles

The kitchen space is a place used every day. This area is also often exposed to grease, dust, etc. Therefore, you should choose a non-stick ceramic tile that is easy to clean.

Priority should be given to tiles with colors that are difficult to recognize stains to help the space create a cleaner feeling. Wall tiles 40×80 are chosen by many homeowners for the kitchen.

Exterior wall tiles

Exterior wall tiles are the ideal solution to effectively protect the exterior wall surfaces of the house. Compared to wall paint, the durability and protection are higher. Help the walls to cover the house against the impact of the outside, climate, weather.

Ensure easy wall cleaning, no moss, no yellowing. Depending on the surface area, you can choose 20×40 wall tiles, 25×40 wall tiles or 30×60 wall tiles used for exteriors which are very popular.

This line of tiles also has diverse and flexible applications in all spaces. Therefore, this is a very reasonable line of tiles for you to choose CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles. Here is how to choose beautiful wood grain wall tiles for every location, you can refer to.

Choose CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles for the living room

Of course, the living room is the most important space in your house. Choosing deep colors that simulate the color of wood meat such as brown, yellow, red plum... is the perfect choice to combine with floor tiles or other furniture.

You can tile the wall and floor tiles of the same color at the same time for the living room. Choose furniture with slightly lighter tones such as gray, beige, and cream to make the space brighter. If you follow the classic style, you can install more chandeliers to make the air feel warmer.

For a small living room in an apartment complex or a house in an alley with a small frontage, you should choose wall CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles.  

For large living rooms in high-end apartments, villas or resorts... you are free to combine your favorite wood grain wall tiles with many different styles, applicable sizes can be up to 40×80, 30 ×120. However, it is necessary to ensure that the colors are harmonious, not too gloomy to both create a sense of luxury, openness and not be lost for the user.

Choose wall tiles for the kitchen

The kitchen/dining room is a place that creates a cozy feeling and is also a place that contains a lot of grease, fish sauce that easily sticks to the surface. Therefore, you should note the use of wood grain wall tiles with a smooth, polished surface as possible.

Usually kitchen cabinets will be wood yellow or ivory white. Therefore, you should use CA mini ceramic mosaic tiles with neutral colors.

The size of the tiles used is 20×40, 25×60 or 15×60 to create depth for the kitchen space. Avoid using tiles that are too large to reduce the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. You can install staggered vertical tiles; zigzag horizontal tiles are 2 basic types of tile.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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