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How to mosaic tile art? Step by Step Guide 

2022.02.17 / By hqt

How to make mosaic with tiles?

How to mosaic tile art

How to mosaic tile art? Do you know what mosaic is? It is a technique that uses small pieces or pieces of objects, including tiles, to produce a design or make other creations. It is such a unique work that it is practically impossible to reproduce a second one exactly like the first.

The word mosaic comes from the Latin “musa”, which has already served as names for museums, music, among other things. It can be said that this art is among the oldest in the culture of man, explain archaeologists and art history scholars.

See how you can make a mosaic yourself, write down the step by step to create a mandala with pieces of tile or tablets.

What is Suitable for Making a Mosaic Work?

How to mosaic tile art? The materials can be as varied as possible. One of the best to make the base of a mosaic is simple art. Moreover, it will be outdoors is the naval plywood base, for example. It can be outside, but it should not be exposed to rain or sunlight. The problem is not the pieces of tiles or tiles, but the grout that must be used to color the pieces.

Anyone who really prefers a mosaic to stay on the outside of the house should use an overlapping glass when the piece is ready. See the material used to make a mandala mosaic and how to do it!

List of Materials Needed to Make a Mosaic With Tiles

You can find mosaic tiles at Gauditiles at best price in bulk. Simple pincers or pulley pincers: sold in tile cemeteries and online stores.

  • Tile scratcher in building supply stores
  • glue cascore
  • acrylic putty
  • grout
  • Paint sold at a building supply store
  • Cutting of marine plywood
  • The marine plywood that comes of wood.

See the Step-by-Step to Make the Mosaic with Tiles

You will need to do the work on a bench that is smaller than the base of your marine plywood, to make it easier to cut. To cut it you will need a jigsaw or a makita. Use something to help you create the mosaic design.

How to mosaic tile art? The pieces we are going to work on must be placed on the plywood to serve as a guide. It is the moment that we have to choose the colors and cuts that will be used. Once these choices have been made, you will need to use cardboard or any other thick paper to create a cutting template.

Use the template to cut the tile pieces with the help of pulley torques. Go cutting piece by piece with the help of the tool. It is thanks to this tool that we were able to obtain a rounded shape.

How to Glue Mosaics on the Plywood Base?

Separate the pieces that have the best shapes with the pulley pincer cut. And now, you will have to glue the pieces using Cascorez glue and to apply it use a small brush, it is a way of not “smearing” your work.

Some tips:

How to mosaic tile art? Use the brush to apply the glue, but without excess, you have to be careful that it doesn't go up on the tiles.

Do not change the Cascorez glue for another, because this product is the one that adheres and dries more easily.

How to mosaic tile art 2022

Diversify the tiles, the more varied, the better your work will be.

To make your work original, don't try to cut the pieces exactly the same, the more differentiated they are, the more beautiful the final result will be.

Use rectangular strips around the edges made with tiles that are lighter than those used on the inside for the finish. To make this kind of “perfect” cut, use the simple tile marker and a square, make a measurement of 1 centimeter.

After the scratch, to cut the shards, use simple pliers to help with the task. Position the tool in the center of each line that has been created and use the scribe. Pressure on the tile will cause it to break easily along the line made in the previous step.

How to Put Fillets on the Mosaic?

The fillets made in the previous step to make the finish you will have to place to close the circle.

If you prefer, finish with inserts in place of the tile fillets. Choose dark tablets in the following measurement: 2cm x 2cm.

How to mosaic tile art? The tablets glue and to remove them without spoiling, leave them for 1 hour in a bowl of water. Then leave them out in the open to dry before glue to the plywood.

Finishing the Mosaic With the Help of Grout

Use a disposable container to mix the grout, add a little water. Then put the product powder and mix well until it forms a paste.

Use a spatula to spread the grout paste over the entire base of the mosaic, it is necessary to apply more than one coat. The material dries quickly and is not difficult to remove excess.

Generally, the average drying time is about 5 minutes. Once ready, pass a dry and clean cloth over the finish to remove the excess mass from the mosaic. This phase must be done very carefully, so that you don't also remove the grout from the mosaic finish.

See the touches you need to make in the finish of your mosaic

How to mosaic tile art? When you go to cut the base of the marine plywood to make your mosaic, even with great care, there will be splinters or irregularities on the edges. To solve the problem, use a fine sandpaper to remove any excess and leave the perfect shape.

After finishing the grout and when it is clean and with the excess removed, pass a layer of acrylic mass, it will make the final result perfect.

Acrylic putty takes at least 12 hours to dry, leave in a dry place until the process finishes.

After the finished mosaic is dry, sand the entire circumference of the wooden base with sandpaper, and use the paint of your preferred color to finish the finish.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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