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How to cut small metal mosaic tiles? Beginners’ Guide 

2022.02.21 / By hqt

How to cut tile with an angle grinder

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles? You have your radial ready. You have the discs and everything you need to face your projects and the results are not bad. However, do you know how to cut tiles with an angle grinder? This is one of those situations in which we often don't know how to start, even though we think we have everything and the task is similar to the others.

How to cut metal mosaic tile

For this reason, today we are going to get you out of the quagmire. We are going to offer you tips, models and solutions. You can deal with those tiles as you do with the rest of the elements you work with on a daily basis.

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles?

Generally, angle grinders are excellent work partners to get through ceramic tiles. They are the alternative to expensive wet saws that require so much investment and are so difficult to amortize. If this is your case, we recommend that you follow us carefully. When you finish reading us you will have and know everything you need to achieve an optimal result.

What you need to know to be able to cut tiles with your radial?

One of the first aspects to consider before starting work is to analyze the conditions and features that your angle grinder has. It may not be the correct version or its outdated functionalities prevent this work. Have you thought about renewing your grinder? Hence, here are some recommendations with the best models.

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles? Once we are sure that we have the right radial, we may have to focus on the safety aspect. It is vital for this type of work in which we could get injury if we do not know how to handle this tool correctly.

 If you are alone in front of the tiles to treat, make sure you have the appropriate protective equipment. We are talking about mask, glasses, gloves and knee pads.

The position you take when cutting the tile will influence the exposure you subject to when the ceramic chips are shot out. It comes by the action of the discs of your angular radial, so it is essential to wear jeans and long-sleeved shirts. In addition, this protects the skin from these small impacts.

How to cut mosaic tiles with an angle grinder?

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles? The benefits offered by these radials are really interesting. It is to face this type of work.  Now that you have the necessary information and advice, it would be a good time to learn about the process. Furthermore, you must follow to start cutting them.

To make straight cuts:

 You just have to firmly secure the tile on your workbench and position the angle grinder on top. Having previously marked the dimensions to cut, position the blade on top and limit yourself to applying downward force while the disc is inserted into the ceramic.

To make small notches or cutouts in the tile:

 You will have to follow the same fastening procedure and, having delimited the dimensions to be cut, make small inroads with the disk from the outside. It requires patience, but the results are fantastic.

Precision and regularity on the surface comes by practicing over and over again. We advise you to make some test cuts on a piece of tile that you are not going to use. Similarly, it is important to be familiar with the features of our personal grinder.

Technique for cutting mosaic materials

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles as a picture is worth more than a thousand words, we recommend you watch this video carefully:

How to cut metal mosaic tile 2022

Always use the best discs to cut ceramics

Not just any model is worth it! The disc you choose must have the security of not breaking during the process and much less endangering the material you are dealing with.

An interesting option is to consider the possibility of including smooth blades with notches and a small diamond tip, ideal to ensure a perfect cut.

These proposed discs provide safety and reliability in cutting your tiles, essential aspects to achieve unparalleled precision with your angle grinder.

Invest in quality!

The advantages of using the right components are so many that we see no reason to make room for improvisation or the use of inappropriate tools.

What model of angle grinder is the best for small metal mosaic tiles?

As you have already seen, the wide variety of cutting machinery and discs is overwhelming, always offering us alternatives that fit the needs of our work. A tile is a ceramic element that normally requires great precision and care when handling. Moreover, it is convenient to use small and easy to handle angle grinders.

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles?  All these small and powerful handheld radials are true machines of precision and performance. Cutting tiles requires experience, but it comes through practice and always having the best resources. Now, putting a little more sweetness in our special recommendation on the treatment of tiles, there is an important aspect that you may be interested in knowing.

Buy cordless angle grinders

They are one of the best options for jobs where precision and patience require freedom of movement. Dispensing with electrical wiring in the middle of our work table will provide greater ease and agility with cuts, don't you think?

I want to cut tiles with my grinder, is it possible?

Roof tiles are another of the delicate elements for which we must always take extra care when handling them in our workshop. Cutting a tile with your angle grinder is possible, but always knowing beforehand what kind of material they come off.

Slate is one of those materials with which grinder discs do not get along very well, that is why we have the ideal solution if this is your case: use stone cutting discs, they will leave an ideal finish.

Conclusion on How to cut small metal mosaic tiles!

Knowing what kind of tool we have in our hands and having the right cutting discs, you will be able to cut tiles like slices of bread. As long as you take into account all the special recommendations that we have been proposing since the beginning of this text.

How to cut small metal mosaic tiles?  Buy a new angle grinder if yours is outdated, invest in precise cutting wheels and don't forget to bet on the protection elements. With all these factors, you will be guaranteed a spectacular cut and finish in any of the tiles you dare to face.

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