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How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? Ultimate Guide 2022

2022.03.09 / By hqt

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? In the process of active use and aggressive chemicals for water treatment, it may be necessary to repair the mosaic in the pool. The facing material begins to crack and crumble. If the damage area is small, then you can do without a major overhaul, and partially replace the mosaic. You can do it yourself if you know the replacement technology.

What to do if the mosaic or tile in the pool fell off?

If the cladding in the pool has fallen off, there is no need to tear off the entire tile. If the damage is partial, then it can be shifted only in the place where it happened.

First you need to drain the water. It is important not to wait until the entire surface is dry. You need to start work immediately.

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? First, they listen to the damaged area with a building hair dryer, remove the crumbled material and clean the glue. Then a new tile and mosaic is glued, rubbed and also dried with a hairdryer. As soon as the glue and grout are dry, the pool is filled with water.

If the damage is local and a large area leaves, then the following algorithm should be followed.

  1. Drain the water and clean the old coating;
  2. Repair chips and cracks in the concrete base of the pool;
  3. Level the surface by level, forming them under 90⁰;
  4. If the surface is bumpy, but the irregularities are eliminated by plaster. So the bowl will become more airtight;
  5. Repair tiles or mosaics.

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile?

Installation of a tile or mosaic covering occurs in horizontal rows. If artistic styling is implied, then lay out the mosaic from the center of the pool. Tiles are laid starting from the walls of the pool.

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? The integrity of the mosaic coating will provide a large distance between the elements. After each tiled row, the surface is checked with a level or laser level.

When laying mosaics with complex patterns, it is recommended to use a special film on an adhesive base. It not only has good adhesion to the surface, but also leaves no marks. If you are a professional, then it will be clear to you how to stack a typical offer from manufacturers who supply mosaics on paper.

For craftsmen who do not have the experience of laying mosaics on paper, this will not only be difficult, but very difficult, and in some cases impossible.

Please note that masters who specialize in laying mosaics, the so-called mosaic masters, are trained and receive a certificate with the title of master mosaic layer.

How to use glue in metal mosaic tile?

When using glue, you need to pay attention to the indicator of its adhesiveness. It must be above 1 MPa. A good option for the pool would be latex glue. Its adhesion is 2.5 MPa. The most popular is the Gauditile brand, whose products has all the necessary properties, or recommended by the mosaic manufacturer.

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? Apply with a notched trowel. When laying tiles, special crosses are placed in its corners. They hold the material, letting it move.

When the glue dries, you can start grouting. The solution must be resistant to chlorine and temperature changes. An ideal option would be an epoxy grout, it consists of two components. Its consumption depends on the size of the seam, tiles and layer thickness.

Important tips to fix pebble metal mosaic tile

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile 2022

Note! Without a special skill in working with epoxy grout, it is possible to spoil the laid material, since its use requires maximum application speed, and the “washout” method differs from the typical jointing option.

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? Some "professionals" recommend treating the seams with glue-sealant. In their opinion, this will increase the life of the grout and prevent premature delamination. But this statement is debatable, very debatable.

Repair of mosaics and tiles in any pools without draining the water

Often in sports complexes, public pools there are no way to drain the water from the tank. Therefore, specialists perform underwater work to repair the mosaic using a special adhesive-sealant. It is applied directly to the mosaic, after which the material is glued to the walls or the bottom of the pool.

Such a sealant has high adhesion and is able to stay on both rough and completely smooth surfaces. The curing time of the glue depends on the temperature of the water in the pool:

  • from 25 to 28⁰С the process will take 24 hours;
  • from 12 to 17⁰С - 48 hours.

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? However, the process is really complicated, and the result is not always long-term, it is better to consider the possibility of draining the water.

Causes of the problem in metal mosaic tile

Most often, the repair of the mosaic in the pool leads to a violation of the waterproofing of the seams and the ingress of water into the inner layers. In addition, the reasons may be:

  • the use of expanded clay concrete in the construction of the pool bowl;
  • saturation of the inner layers with water through the damaged grout;

Wall cleaning methods

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? There are several methods for cleaning pool walls. They depend on the nature of the pollution. But regardless of whether the walls are covered with lime or mud, first of all, they drain water from it, and then clean it. The main cleaning methods include:

  • the use of chemicals;
  • mechanical impact;
  • Electrical cleaning.

The best result will give a comprehensive cleaning of the pool bowl. It will simplify the task of catching large debris with a net before draining the water.

Mechanical and chemical

How to fix pebble metal mosaic tile? If the pollution is not strong, then you can clean the walls of the pool on your own using chemical and mechanical means. In case of local pollution, it is better to contact specialists. Professional equipment will give the best result when cleaning mosaics and tiles.

For self-cleaning you will need:

  • brush with coarse plastic bristles and telescopic handle;
  • rags of their hard material and scrapers;
  • chemicals for removing contaminants;
  • Disinfectants.


Electrophysical cleaning does not use chemical detergents. Here, special equipment is used, which works on the basis of copper, silver, ozone, ultraviolet radiation.

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