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How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? Best Guide 2022

2022.02.21 / By hqt

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? Sometimes we find ourselves in the need to change the shape of tiles and tiles to avoid obstacles such as switches, pipes or window frames. But due to the fragility of these materials, sometimes it is difficult for us to know how to do it without destroying them.

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile

 For this reason, today we show you tricks and tools to cut tiles without breaking them.

Different options to cut tiles without breaking them

1-Ceramic manual cutter

Manual ceramic cutters (widely common by construction professionals) are a very practical and effective option. After drawing a cutting line on the piece, we pass the blade over it and exert a little pressure with our arm. In this way we can cut tiles without breaking them in a simple and fast way.


How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? In case you have a diamond blade for the grinder, you can cut tiles with precision and without the danger of breaking them. In case the pieces are especially hard, the best way to avoid damage is to start with superficial cuts and gradually gain depth.


To make very specific cuts, the jigsaw is a very good option. However, to cut tiles without breaking them with this tool, it is important that we make sure that you have the right blade for these cuts.

4-Electric slicer

In case what we need is to tile a wide area, we can use the electric cutter. This is a tool that will allow us to make right angle and miter cuts accurately and safely.

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile?

We would not like to finish this article where we have taught you how to cut tiles without breaking them. It comes without you taking a look at this short video that summarizes all today's tips. We hope they have been useful to you

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? If you are in the phase of choosing the floors or walls for your home, you cannot fail to know what mosaic tile is. It is the type of material most common today to pave private and public environments. But why choose tile? I'll explain it to you in this article. Keep reading and you will find out why tile tiles are the most purchased.

What is mosaic tile: how it is produced and its technical characteristics?

The term mosaic tile refers to a particular type of tile obtained through a precise production process. Tile comes up of a set of raw materials such as ground clays, minerals and sand.  We press together and then fired at high temperatures (1200-1400 ° C). It is precisely the high temperature at which the components cook. This allows obtaining a highly resistant product with practically no absorption.

The main characteristics of mosaic tile are therefore:

  • Hardness
  • Waterproofing
  • hygienic;
  • flame retardant (fire resistant)
  • frost resistance (resistance to cold)
  • High resistance to chemical agents.

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? Now that I have explained to you how it comes and what its properties are, let's see together the difference between mosaic tile, single-fired and double-fired ceramic.

Mosaic tile, single-fired and double-fired ceramic: the main difference lies in the cooking method

Tile tiles from single-fired tiles differ mainly in the firing process. The single-fired tiles are in fact obtained by pressing and firing the ceramic support and the glaze at the same time at a temperature of 900 ° C. 

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile 2022

This production method and the reduced firing temperature make the product less resistant and more fragile than tile tiles. For this reason, the use of single firing in outdoor environments is highly discouraged. 

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? Also, if the surface splinters, you will see the color difference between the paste and the surface glaze. The single-fired dishes are then distinguished in red body and white body. The former obtains with low-quality pasta that has high iron content. Similarly, the latter have a more valuable paste.

Let's now pass to the double-fired tiles:

They define in this way because the mixture is fired first and, in a subsequent phase, the glaze fires. The resulting ceramic is brighter. It comes with more defined colors than single firing, but at the same time it is even more delicate. Remember: double-fired tiles should not lay on the floor, but should only be common as a wall covering.

In summary how to cut metal and glass mosaic tile

Of the three types of products, mosaic tile is undoubtedly the most resistant, most versatile and suitable for any environment, both internal and external. It is now the most chosen material for floors and coverings also for its remarkable duration over time. If you have really fallen in love with double-fired or single-fired tiles, I recommend that you lay them exclusively on the wall, for example on the walls of the bathroom.

Different types of mosaic tile: all you need to know when you are about to buy the floor for your home.

Now that you know perfectly what mosaic tile is, let's take a look at the different types of tile together. Both come on the different affects you can buy, and for the different properties of the tile itself.

How to cut metal and glass mosaic tile? When you go to a flooring shop, I bet that many times, those who follow you use very technical and specific terminology. This makes it difficult to choose. To tell the truth, it is very important to know certain characteristics of mosaic tile.

Moreover, it is to recognize a higher quality tile from a lower quality one. So let's start by listing the main properties of mosaic tile to keep in mind.

Full-body colored mosaic tile: what it means and how to recognize it

A tile is defines as colored in the mass or colored mixture when the color on the surface finds throughout the thickness and body of the tile. Basically, the color that is easy to see on the surface can come underneath.

Therefore, if for a distant reason he were to choose the tile, there would be no difference between the color above and that of the mixture.

To notice for yourself and with the naked eye if they are showing you a mass-colored tile, always observe the color of the edge of the tile: there must not be a huge difference between the two shades. If this is the case, however, it means that they are offering you glazed tiles, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Colored-body tiles can be installed in any type of environment, from public places to private homes.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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