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Why should we choose Green glass mosaic tiles?

2021.11.03 / By hqt

Do you know how to choose Green glass mosaic tiles? Why should the kitchen be tiled? All will be answered in detail in the article below, please read along!

Why should you choose Green glass mosaic tiles?

The kitchen is known as the place to keep the fire of family happiness, a place for members to gather, cook and eat together after working and studying time.

Therefore, families when building and building houses always pay great attention to this area, from design and construction to choosing tiles for finishing.

Green glass mosaic tiles

Green glass mosaic tiles are always highly demanded in terms of aesthetics. Not only that, but this place is also a typical area, affected by high temperature from the kitchen, grease stains, sticky food.

Therefore, the heat resistance and ease of cleaning of tiles also need to be ensured.

And mosaic tile is the best choice for your kitchen, because this type of tile has the following characteristics:

Green glass mosaic tiles High aesthetics:

  1. It is small bricks that stick together, so it has a unique and different beauty compared to ordinary bricks.
  2. Colors are also very diverse, from classic to modern, from single color to multi-color on the same brick. Highly reflective, when illuminated, it will have a very beautiful sparkle.
  3. Good heat resistance: bricks are heated at high temperatures from 800-1300 degrees Celsius and then rolled into small pieces, so its heat resistance is quite good.
  4. Easy to clean and clean: the smooth surface of the tile makes cleaning easier with just a damp cotton cloth.
  5. Not corroded by chemicals: you are more comfortable when using cleaning chemicals to clean tiles.
  6. Waterproof up to 95%: best protection of walls by environmental and human impacts.

How to choose Green glass mosaic tiles?

Mosaic tiles are very diverse, so when choosing to cover the kitchen you need to choose the following:

1. About color

There are two ways to choose colors Green glass mosaic tiles according to color

  • People of the Wood destiny: dark green, brown and matte black.
  • blue is the main color.
  • People destined for Fire: the strongest color is red
  • People destined for the should prefer brown brick color

2. Green glass mosaic tiles About the size

  1. The size of the brick greatly affects the kitchen space, so when choosing you need to pay close attention:
  2. If the kitchen is large: choose large tiles so that it creates harmony, unity and especially construction will be faster. 
  3. Green glass mosaic tiles Common sizes are: 50×50, 60×60.
  4. If the kitchen has a limited area: choose a tile with a smaller size to avoid being lost, but also do not choose a tile that is too small, it will make the kitchen look more cramped. 
  5. Commonly chosen sizes are: 40×40 and 45×45.

3. Green glass mosaic tiles About textures

The kitchen is a cooking area, easy to get dirty, so the surface of the brick must be smooth and glossy, not choosing a rough tile surface when cleaning will be very difficult and takes a lot of time

Features of high-grade specialized glues  

Tile adhesive has main ingredients including cement, sand, polymer, additives. Polymer is an important key ingredient that creates the advantages of the Green glass mosaic tiles. In addition, additives also play a role in creating superior construction specifications such as enhancing adhesion, waterproofing, antibacterial additives, etc.

Green glass mosaic tiles 2021

Why should you choose tile adhesive when tiling mosaic tiles?

With current technology, using scissors to glue mosaic tiles is the optimal choice when installing tiles. Possessing many outstanding features and superior capabilities compared to conventional methods, this is always the first choice of users today:

Green glass mosaic tiles are simpler to use than traditional cement mortar, just mixed with clean water and ready to use. In addition, when using glue, there is no need to pre-soak the tile like an oil paste. 

  1. Preventing the bricks from peeling
  2. The adhesion of the product is also higher due to its high polymer content, which helps prevent the mortar from shrinking, preventing the bricks from peeling, blistering or being hollow inside.
  3. High applicability, can be used for all types of tiles with smooth surfaces, difficult to adhere to such as glass mosaic tiles, large granite tiles, etc.
  4. Glue also has elasticity, toughness and flexibility that cement does not have this property.

Instructions for using Green glass mosaic tiles adhesive for tiling 

1. Preparation before construction

Surface preparation: to ensure the quality of the Green glass mosaic tiles, the surface must be clean, dry, and free of standing water. At the same time, the ground surface must be firm, flat and must not differ by more than 3mm.

Preparing tiles:

Do not soak tiles in water; before using tile adhesive, make sure the tile is clean and dry. This is a decisive condition that helps to increase the product life and the connection of each brick.

Prepare tools to glue mosaic tiles: tools used to glue mosaic tiles include tools such as: high-quality tile adhesive, serrated trowel, rubber hammer, traditional trowel, 60mm ruler, 1200mm ruler, glue mixing tank, 2 measuring cups 1000ml. electric mixer and mixer head (500rpm), 2 pieces of water sponge.

The process of mixing mosaic tile adhesive

  • First, put clean water in a bucket or basin (at room temperature).
  • Step two slowly add the mosaic tile adhesive to the water in the following proportions: 

+ Water: glue = 1:4 (by weight)

+ Water: glue = 1:3 (by volume)

  • Stir with a mixer on slow speed (500rpm) or mix by hand until the mixture is homogeneous, no lumps remaining.

2. Use tile adhesive to build mosaic tiles

  • Do not add water after the glue has been mixed as it will damage the glue
  • After mixing the tile adhesive, it is recommended to leave the mixture for 3-4 minutes before use to achieve the best effect.
  • The finished mixture should be used within 2-4 hours depending on the type of glue.

Conclusion Green glass mosaic tiles

Spread glue on the surface of Green glass mosaic tiles, note that it must be spread evenly, do not leave thick and thin places. Then use a serrated trowel to pull it horizontally and keep it tilted about 60 degrees. Continue using the edge of the serrated trowel to create parallel grooves above the surface layer.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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