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7 Tips for Choosing Best Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles

2021.10.06 / By hqt

Bathrooms play an important role in every family's life. Therefore, how to tile the bathroom to both ensure aesthetics and be waterproof and moisture-proof is a matter of interest to many people. Let's learn how to choose bathroom Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles with us.

Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles

How to choose Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles?

On the market today, many brands provide bathroom floor tiles for you to choose from. Diverse models, rich designs, unique textures will meet most of the user's needs.

Depending on your preferences and bathroom design style, you can choose the right type of Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles. Some people like the delicate, gentle Asian style, some people like to choose the classic Japanese style. However, most of today's families tend to be simple and luxurious in the style of Europe.

The best way to choose the right type of bathroom floor tile is to consult a professional. Because among many models and current product style trends, you will often be confused, making the combination not harmonious and balanced.

Instructions on how to choose the size of Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles

Unlike the bedroom or living room, when choosing bathroom floor tiles, you should use larger tiles. This will help increase the area of ​​​​the bathroom space and give you a more airy and luxurious space. Tiles with sizes from 60x60cm are often recommended because it limits the grout circuitry to increase aesthetics and more convenience during house cleaning.

To harmonize with floor tiles, you should use wall tiles of size 30x60. If you want the bathroom to have a larger area, choose horizontal tiles. If you want this space to be higher, you should choose vertical Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles.

Choose the color and material Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles

Because the bathroom area is often smaller than other spaces, so when choosing floor tiles, you should use bright colors such as white, yellow, blue. These colors will help your living space be airier and bring a sense of light when used. These colors are especially suitable for those who love the idyllic life.

Besides ensuring the overall structure, for the bathroom, the choice of tile material should also be considered. You should use non-slip bathroom floor tiles with moderate roughness. These products will make your move easier, more convenient, and safer. Besides, cleaning the toilet for this type of tile is not too difficult.

Therefore, when choosing bathroom tiles or tiles, it is necessary to ensure the factor of moderate shine, waterproof Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles, easy cleaning, and aesthetics. All these factors will help you bring comfort to the homeowner when using.

Choose affordable bathroom Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles

Another factor that many people are interested in when choosing is the price of the bricks. On the market today, many brands offer floor tiles at different prices. Depending on your family's ability to pay, you can choose a suitable brand and product for yourself.

The cost of ceramic tiles will depend on the material, utility as well as quality that the product brings. Normally, to finish the floor and wall tiles for the bathroom, the cost will range from 3-8 million.  If you are wondering which address to choose to buy products from among many material supply stores, you can go to our company. We are proud to be the genuine distributor of products from many famous brands.

The golden rule when choosing floor tiles for the family

 Floor tiles not only help improve aesthetics but also support you more conveniently in the process of living. How to choose the right tiles? The principles summarized in the article below will help you answer the above question. Join us to learn more about this issue!

Should choose types of tiles that do not cause dizziness?

One of the principles that everyone should apply when choosing floor Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles or wall tiles is not to cause dizziness or affect people's vision and health. To implement this principle, you should not choose tiles with too bright colors, especially for large spaces. If you want to decorate the house, you should choose elegant colors, combined with unique patterns.

Choose floor tiles with simple textures

In addition, when choosing colors for tiles, you should pay attention to harmony and balance. Do not choose colors that are too flashy or mix many colors at the same time because it can easily make users dizzy and have a headache.

However, you do not necessarily have to choose a brick color because it will be very monotonous and boring in the design. The best way you should use it is to combine two similar colors. Or using contrasting brick colors to create accents also helps your interior space have more depth.

Choose the usage of each space

A house will be designed with many different spaces. Each space does a separate task, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…. The living room is the place you use to receive guests, friends, relatives, or where the whole family gathers after each meal. The kitchen is the place to prepare food and enjoy a cozy meal with the whole family. The bedroom is the resting space for each person after a tiring day of work.

Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles 2021

Choose tiles according to the correct use of each space

Each room will take on its function, so the choice of floor tiles and wall tiles for each space is also different. You cannot use bathroom walls or floor Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles for living rooms or use living room tiles for outdoor spaces. So choosing the right tile for each type of room will help maximize its use.

When choosing floor tiles, you should keep in mind the similarity in all aspects of the housing design. You cannot choose vivid modern tones for homes with nostalgic architecture and vice versa. One piece of advice for you is based on the design style of your home to choose the most suitable type of brick. Only then can the value of new tiles be maximized.


The harmony in size here is shown between the areas to be paved with bricks. For large areas, you should choose large-sized bricks. For example, your family's living room area is larger than 15m2, you should choose tiles with dimensions of 50x50mm or more. Small tiles should not be used for paving because it leaves many lines, causing unsightly design.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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