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Wholesale Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles: 2022 China

2022.05.09 / By hqt

Wholesale Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles

Unlike the living room and the kitchen, bedroom is a common place for family activities. The bedroom is an extremely important personal space to bring relaxation after a long tiring day. You should choose wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles with gentle colors combined with warm chandeliers. The surface coated with dry enamel reflects just enough sunlight to help you have a good night's sleep.

You should not use colors that are too hot to create an uncomfortable feeling in the room. Typically, red, pink, purple, and white colors will make the vision stimulated, and the elderly will have a hard time sleeping.

Choose wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles for the Bathroom

For the bathroom, the wood grain tile color is quite easy to coordinate. Most of the sanitary ware are in shiny tones or covered with white porcelain enamel. Therefore, wood grain tiles with deep tones will balance the overall color. However, you should pay attention to the ability to prevent slipping and fading by choosing tiles with smooth, rough surfaces.

Depending on the area of ​​​​the bathroom, there are options for different sizes of wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles. It is to create harmony for the bathroom.

Choose wood grain wall tiles for outdoor space

Exterior areas such as balconies, gardens, and front gates are all places that directly affect by weather and wear and tear after a long time of use. Therefore, you should choose bricks with high durability, good waterproofing, and low water absorption rate.

Hence, rain water does not penetrate into the concrete layer. Using deep brown tones from wood grain tiles creates both cleanliness and neatness of the homeowner.

Moreover, wood grain wall tiles also turn your home into a place to relax with nature, become a work of art with green space worth living.

Dry wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles are attracting a large number of customers. They occupy a large market share in the ceramic and construction industry. What is dry ceramic tile? What are the advantages of dry ceramic tiles? To answer that question, please read the following article to get more useful information!

1. What is dry ceramic tile?

Dry ceramic tile is also known as matte ceramic tile. This type of tile is covered by a layer of high hardness glaze that provides good resistance to slipping and cracking. In addition, dry ceramic tiles have many diverse designs. In the production process of bricks will be combined with many different effects. Thanks to the aesthetics, the high quality wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles bring will be used more in design works and houses.

2. What are the advantages of dry ceramic tiles?

Currently, most of the dry ceramic tiles are produced on modern technological lines, so they have many outstanding advantages.

Good waterproof ability: Before applying the dry glaze to the surface, the dry ceramic tiles are all covered with glaze lining, which increases the high waterproofing ability of the tiles. Limit moss during use, so it is suitable for outdoor tiling applications.

Color side: Thanks to the application of technology combined with the dry ceramic tile background effect of diverse colors and rich textures. In addition, the durability will definitely help limit the cracking in the surface, which will be a strong advantage to increase the aesthetics of this line of dry ceramic tiles.

Wholesale Ceramic Mosaic Wall Tiles 2022

Scratch resistance: Dry ceramic tiles have good bearing capacity, so they are less likely to scratch from external factors.

Effective anti-slip: High slip resistance in dry ceramic tiles is the biggest plus point of this product line, attracting and bringing in a large number of customers.

3. Application of wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles

Dry ceramic tile has a rich design surface, so it is suitable and diverse with many different architectural styles from classic, modern, minimalist to sophisticated.

With a modern style, stone-grained dry ceramic tiles are quite suitable to enhance the luxury of the house.

The wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles are synchronized with the main color of the design. It helps to make the space brighter and more modern.

In rooms with a minimalist design style, they often make the most of the simplicity and natural designs from the lines that are not too picky but very subtle. It focuses on the uniform color of the surface and limiting the spherical motifs.

Houses with minimalist design often choose plain dry ceramic tiles with few textures, simple textures and neutral colors to bring harmony and optimal space homogeneity.

Plain dry ceramic tiles will be the perfect choice for a simple bedroom space

If your living space is in a rustic style, you can completely choose dry ceramic tiles for flooring. Rugged anti-slip effect or cream-yellow stone grain, dry ceramic tiles will make your home sophisticated and bring a feeling of closeness to nature.

Yellow stone veined wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles are a product that will highlight the simple and delicate beauty of the space. Dry ceramic tiles with outstanding features and diverse designs will be suitable for tiling decoration for both interior and exterior spaces.

Once you have chosen the color of the brick according to your destiny, the next thing is to choose the main color, bringing your own stamp to the space more beautiful, delicate and luxurious.

White brick

White is the easiest color to mix with other colors. Because this is a neutral color with a light color, it is easy to combine with hot colors to create a warm space or cool colors to create a cool feeling. In addition, you can be more creative with a youthful, elegant pastel style, combining contrasting colors of the walls and ceilings to increase accents.

Gray wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles

Gray is the color most people use for bricks. Because the color has many different dark - light shades, according to the style of combining light and dark. The color gamut is neutral, so it's easy to mix and match, bold personality, luxurious and clean space because it's not easy to see dirt.

Black brick

Black has very few levels and the most common is the original black. However, with different materials and surfaces, black tiles will create distinct styles. Matte black wholesale ceramic mosaic wall tiles have a modern, minimalist, masculine look. The glossy black brick is the pinnacle of luxury and mystery.

Blue gives a cool look, soothing hot weather. There are many blue colors suitable for individual personalities and preferences such as turquoise, sky blue, navy blue, duck neck blue... You can freely choose your favorite color.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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