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Is it good to use mini ceramic mosaic tiles in 2021?

2021.10.06 / By hqt

mini ceramic mosaic tiles

Instructions on how to use Royal ceramic tiles with high efficiency

In recent years, ceramic tiles have been used by many people to perfect the beauty of living spaces. However, not everyone knows how to use ceramic tiles to achieve the highest efficiency. Refer to how to use Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles below to pocket useful experiences!

Learn about the features of Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

Currently, on the market there are many products of Royal ceramic tiles with different features. Therefore, you need to understand each type of floor tile to make the best choice for your living space.

Enamel Polished Tiles:

This product is very suitable for dry, cool places. Using this type of tile will bring high aesthetic value to your space.

Wood imitation brick: This is a product with many outstanding features with waterproofing, anti-slip properties and no impact from the outside environment. You can use the product for the living room; bedroom and decorative Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles are very suitable.

Thick bricks:

Royal thick ceramic tiles help limit the impact from the outside effectively. Known for being 1.5 times thicker than conventional bricks, this product is very suitable for areas such as: parking lots, parks, squares...

Diamond Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles:

If you want to choose a suitable ceramic tile product for luxurious spaces, you cannot ignore diamond tiles. This is a product with perfect gloss and multi-layer enamel technology. You will definitely be satisfied with this product.

Semi-porcelain tile:

 Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles is very suitable for places with a lot of people traveling such as hotels, restaurants... because of its low water absorption and high flexural strength.

Learn about the features of each type of Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles before construction

  • Make sure the surface is flat for the most effective construction
  • Clean tiles before tiling

The cleaning process for tiles before tiling will help Royal ceramic tiles be easier to install and improve the life of the tiles. Therefore, with Royal's high-class floor tiles, you should store them in a cool, dry place and ensure the product is clean and the surface is flat.

You can use water to clean the surface to be tiled. Then, proceed to cover with a thick layer of glue to stick the tiles. The time for Royal ceramic tiles to have the best adhesion is from 25 to 30 minutes. To increase the adhesion strength and not create gaps between the bricks, you should level and rub them carefully into the tile joints.

mini ceramic mosaic tiles 2021

Choice of Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

 The bathroom is an indispensable living space in many families today. Therefore, in order to bring a great experience to everyone. The choice of Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles is also of great interest to many customers. Let's learn more about this issue through the information below.

Choose tiles with good moisture absorption and water resistance

The bathroom is a space that is often exposed to water, so the humidity is quite high. Choosing the right type of tile with good moisture absorption and water resistance for this area is often of interest to everyone. The right product that you should use for the bathroom space is ceramic tiles.

This is a product that is considered to be very good at absorbing moisture and water. You also do not need to worry about the tiles being damaged or stained when in frequent contact with cleaning agents.

Choose Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles with good moisture absorption and water resistance

To avoid slipping when using the toilet, you should choose anti-slip bathroom Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles. Because bathrooms often have to come into contact with water, shower gels, shampoos, etc., it is easy to make the floor wet and slippery. This can be dangerous for users.

The right product that is recommended for this space is rough ceramic tile, or dry glaze. These are high-gloss tiles that create more friction as you move. However, when choosing floor tiles, you should only choose tiles with moderate roughness if you do not want to spend too much time cleaning or cleaning.

Choose tiles for easy cleaning

Each different type of tile will have different cleaning needs. Ceramic tiles are characterized by easy staining and yellowing. It will take more effort for you to clean and wash them.

If the floor of the toilet you use is Mosaic glass tile, then you don't need to worry about cleaning this area often. To remove stains, you just need to use water to flush them to restore the new beauty to the tile floor.  

Choosing a toilet floor Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles surface

Many people often have the habit of walking barefoot in the toilet. So to feel comfortable when walking, you should consider choosing the right surface texture. You should consider Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles with a moderate roughness because it can help you move easily without hurting your feet or slipping.

In addition, poor insulation bricks should also be ignored. Because you may feel comfortable walking in the summer, but it will make you uncomfortable in the winter.

Choosing a toilet floor tile surface

  • Choose the right brick size
  • To make cleaning easy and limit grout lines, you should choose the right size toilet tiles. Floor tiles 30x60cm are the tile size chosen by many families for spaces with an area less than 2m2.
  • If you want to have a more airy and spacious room, you should choose large tiles such as 60x60cm or 30x80cm. In addition, these types of tiles will help you limit the accumulation of dirt and are easier to clean when using.
  • To choose the most suitable brick, you should choose reputable brands and trusted agents for the best and most standard advice.

Choosing the color of bathroom floor Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

The color of the bathroom Mini Ceramic Mosaic Tiles is a very important factor to determine the aesthetics of the entire space. You can choose a bathroom space for a small bathroom. Moreover, you should choose tiles with light colors and sunken patterns.

Because these tiles will make your room look larger and more comfortable. If the bathroom area is large, you can freely choose for yourself the colors with new and unique textures. It is to express your personality and create accents for the room.


On the market today, there are many shops that provide building materials, floor tiles, wall tiles... for you to choose from. However, to own quality products, with a long life, you should find reputable addresses.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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