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How to splice the floor tiles to make the space no longer rigid!

2021.05.14 / By hqt

When many people are preparing to install a new home, they have something as small as the placement of a piece of cloth to the layout of basic building materials. One of the building materials that determine the tone of the interior, ceramic tiles, different types, and different splicing styles express different emotions, a single splicing is complete and clean, the mosaic is delicate and unique, and the mosaics are flexible and changeable…

Case 1: Single splicing

In all home improvement cases, the splicing of a single tile is still mainstream. There are no different choices of tiles, complete and consistent splicing methods, which are simple and regular, but they are timeless and classic.

Single-chair floor tiles are spliced, and the color of floor tiles must be selected to a large extent to consider whether it is consistent with the overall space tone and characteristics. If the overall indoor space is fresh and bright, you might as well choose elegant floor tiles and make large areas of splicing to beautify the space. Just like a hornet's nest, the small hexagonal white floor tiles are precise because of this, the single splicing method of the entire space presents an elegant and quiet bathroom.

If you choose a ceramic tile to pave the ground, the big square brick will naturally show a sense of spaciousness and spaciousness. The retro-tempered floor tiles are beautiful and durable, and the delicate and natural patterns on the brick body are perfectly displayed through simple collage. The brown walls and simple and chic bathroom cabinets echo this antique style, and the overall space style is unified.

Small bricks are easy to pave over a large area, meticulous and compact, in a regular and orderly manner. The bathroom is mostly beige, dark coffee tones and wooden toilet lids are matched with clear curtains to make the space warmer. At this time, choose a dark blue small square brick, follow the simplest way, and pave it as a whole, matching the indoor soft assembly color, just right.

Case 2: Floor tile mosaic

As the decoration crowd gets younger and younger, too many people begin to feel restless. Don't settle for simple lines and textures, it's their home decoration attitude to change! Mosaic tiles are a kind of decoration material that this kind of people prefers. Take care and choose the materials, and the unique beauty will be displayed in an instant.

Weaving pattern, the trend of elegant space. The rectangular floor tiles of the same size and different tones are interlaced together, instead of simply listing them in order, they form a three-dimensional feeling like weaving patterns. The shades are matched in two colors, staggered and orderly, rich in variety. The overall color of the floor tiles is very fresh, which helps to dress up a spacious and bright space.

Parquet in groups gives a sense of visual expansion. Each floor tile itself is a beautiful picture, and then large-area splicing, the same pattern appears in the composition, and the composition pattern is more expansive and more atmospheric.

Arc parquet, soft design and gentle space. The floor tiles are cut into finer shapes and carefully collaged to create elegant and retro ground patterns with arcs, which are visually more refined and artistic. Beige and light gray make the space more warm and moist. If the indoor light happens to be sufficient, then the room must be very bright.

Case 3: Cross-border mashup

What is the feeling of matching the tiles with the floor? Secretly tell you, beautiful! Compared with the crisscross paving method, the paving method of multiple mix and match is more complicated, not only the mix and match of different specifications and colors, but also It's a mix of tiles and floor! This paving method is full of personality and keeps the home away from the rigid of the same pattern.

The tiles and the floor are mixed and spliced to divide different functional areas, which can better ensure the effective separation of dry and wet areas. In this case, the location of the dining area is usually used a lot, and it is difficult to control if the ground does not get wet. Therefore, the hexagonal tiles were chosen to make a small area splicing at the location of the dining table and chairs. Because the floor tiles are unique in size, there is no rule in the splicing process. The four sides are square, and a little change can stimulate the aesthetics of the space.

Selectively inlay little ceramic tiles and mosaics, which changed the impression of the monotonous home furnishings on the ground, which is impressive. The dark rustic solid wood floor has clear wood grain, matched with beige marble floor tiles and mosaics of the same color, creating a unique indoor atmosphere. The splicing method of the floor tiles is very unique, changing the traditional single-piece splicing, cutting, and patching a piece of floor to form a simple pattern. The small borders of the mosaic and the floor highlight the ingenuity of this piece

The tiles are matched with the floor properly, which not only looks good but also provides more security for the interior. The dark solid wood floor and beige retro tiles establish the rustic temperament of the kitchen. The wooden frame is inlaid with natural patterned floor tiles. The high and low design feels good and can also play a non-slip effect and enhance the sense of safety in the kitchen.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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