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How to use glass mosaic tile wholesale in bathroom?

2021.10.16 / By hqt

Do you want to design, tile, and decorate your lovely bathroom by yourself? If yes, please see below how to tile a standard bathroom why should Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale the bathroom?

Currently, the tiling of bathroom tiles is not too strange for many families. But why should you use bricks for this area, what are the uses? Find out below

Uses of the Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale

Easy to clean: is a product with a glossy surface with very little dirt, easy to clean when dirty, cleaning is also much simpler than if you leave the concrete floor intact.

Waterproof: The surface of Glass Mosaic Tile has a protective film to prevent water from seeping into the floor and at the same time keeping the water under the floor from seeping back onto the substrate, causing mold and damage to the building.

Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale Prevent the appearance of moss, bacteria

The current bathroom tiles are quite invested in waterproofing ability, keeping the tiles dry, so that the condition of moss or bacteria accumulates. Capacitors are also greatly reduced.

Anti-slip: safety issues are always concerned by many people when they want to Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale the bathroom. Therefore, there are now many models of tiles designed with anti-slip features to ensure the safety of users. 
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Instructions on how to tile a beautiful bathroom

Therefore, please take care of this area by choosing the right Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale, technical construction to both create durability and increase aesthetics. If you still don't know how to tile your bathroom beautifully and properly, don't worry, check out our guide below.

Once you have a design idea for your bathroom, the next step will be the construction. Here are some notes as well as how to tile beautiful bathrooms, technical standards from our experts. For the bathroom to be tiled smoothly, without interruption, and for future use without problems, you need to do the following in advance:

Prepare before Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale the bathroom

You need to measure and calculate the exact area of ​​​​the surface to be Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale, from which to calculate the number of materials to use. Avoid buying too much that wastes or buying less leading to shortages, taking time to replenish. Each bathroom space will have different designs, so there will be different ways to calculate square meters, so you need to pay attention to not miscalculate.

  • Create a gradient for the background

In particular, before Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale, it is necessary to create a slope so that water can easily drain down the drain. Nails can be used on the top and bottom corners, connecting the rope from bottom to top with a slope of about 1.5-2cm. If you put the wire horizontally, you can tie it to the tiled slot, attach it to the two ends of the wall to make a crossbar.

Create a primer on the surface with Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale

Use tools such as string to stretch to create an even plane with a good base layer. Next, use mortar to roll evenly on the floor surface, use a masonry ruler to create flatness.  Ideal mortar thickness is from 2-3cm. The mortar layer should not be too thick, it will make it difficult to apply and unsightly.

  • Define brick pattern

To have the desired bathroom space, it is impossible to ignore the selection of tiles. You need to pay attention to the colors, textures, and sizes accordingly to avoid choosing models that are too big or too small to lose the balance and harmony of the work. The Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale surface must also have a high roughness to ensure anti-slip safety.

Instructions for construction steps

The steps to install bathroom tiles are carried out according to the following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Prepare tools and protective gear
  • Protective gear
  • Fly, knife, rubber hammer, brick cutter
  • tape measure, pen
  • tile adhesive, grout glue

Mark the tile placement point

Measure and draw sketches to find the most suitable starting point for Glass Mosaic Tile. This ensures that too many tiles are not cut during the construction process, minimizing material waste. The first tile placement will usually be in the middle of the surface.

Step 3: Prepare Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale glue

This area has high humidity, so choose glue for good adhesion, high waterproofing like nice tile adhesive. This line of glue is often used to glue swimming pool tiles, so you can rest assured when using it. We have a line of adhesives and grouts for you to use in unison. Mixing glue is detailed in the product packaging or the seller will guide you on the best way to do it.

  • Step 4: Construction of bathroom tiles

Spread a layer of glue on the floor of the bathroom to be tiling, use a serrated trowel to create grooves on the surface of the glue, and then place the Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale on it, use a rubber hammer to gently tap it to fix the tile.

Step 5: Attach the plastic baseon Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale

This is an indispensable step in the construction of bathroom Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale. This step helps to ensure that the tiles after being tiled will not move, you must attach the plastic bases to the slots between the bricks.

 At the same time, attaching the plastic base also helps to keep the distance aligned evenly without deviation.

  • Step 6: rub the tile grout

After 24 hours of gluing, the Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale will be grouting for the circuit. Use a soft plastic scraper to avoid scratching the surface of the brick, causing loss of aesthetics. In turn, put the grout glue down the circuit until it is full.

Step 7: Clean the surface

After the grout is finished, clean the surface of the tile, do not leave it for too long, the glue will dry again and it will be difficult to remove. Leave it for about 3-5 days to be used.

  • Step 8: Test and put to use

After cleaning and waiting to dry, proceed to pour water to see if the bathroom floor has enough slope and no more standing water. If there is no standing water, it can be put into use. 
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Technical requirements for bathroom floor tiles

A perfect bathroom project needs to ensure technical requirements such as:

  • There is a slope to ensure good drainage
  • Knocking on the brick surface does not hear the click
  • Lines are straight, even, and small
  • Patterns, textures are arranged correctly, cuts are paved in an area out of sight
  • Do not leave the grout on the surface for too long, wipe it off when you see the grout on the surface

Conclusion Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale

Through this article, we have shown you how to Glass Mosaic Tile Wholesale on the bathroom floor beautifully, simply but extremely effectively, which is mostly used in today's projects. although occupying a small area in the house, do not ignore this special area. The bathroom is not only a place for personal hygiene.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

Customize your own home now: info@gauditile.com

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