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How to install glass mosaic tile easily in homes?

2021.10.06 / By hqt

Are you looking to install glass mosaic tile for the space of the house? But don't know how? Don't worry, follow the steps and you will have a beautiful tile project for your interior and exterior space.

glass mosaic tile

Table of contents

  • Preparation before the construction of glass mosaic tiles
    • 1. Surface preparation
    • 2. Prepare tools
    • 3. Prepare mosaic tiles
    • 4. Mixing tile adhesive to prepare for construction
  • Instructions for construction of mosaic tiles at home SIMPLE
  • Notes on construction
  • Consulting unit – quotation for mosaic tile construction

Preparation before the construction of glass mosaic tiles

1. Surface preparation

To ensure the best quality mosaic tile construction, the tiling surface needs to meet 4 conditions as follows:

  • Flat surface without convexity, no difference more than 3mm
  • The surface has a hardness that ensures no subsidence, use a hammer or hand to check
  • Need to clean the surface, to ensure high adhesion
  • Before tiling, the surface should be free of water with good water absorption.


For newly rolled foundations, it is recommended to let the substrate completely dry for about 7 days.

2. Prepare tools for Installing Glass Mosaic Tile

  • Tile glue
  • Rubber hammer, serrated fly, traditional fly
  • tape measure, measuring tape
  • The container is full of glue, mixer
  • 2 wet sponges

3. Prepare mosaic tiles for Installing Glass Mosaic Tile

  • Do not soak bricks in water
  • Make sure tiles are always dry and clean 
  • Mixing tile adhesive to prepare for construction

To ensure quality, longevity, as well as an adhesion for the whole project, the mixing of glue should follow the following process:

  • Put clean water in the bucket
  • Pour the glass mosaic tile adhesive slowly into the bucket filled with water according to the ratio:
    • Water: glue ratio 1:4 (by weight)
    • Water: glue ratio 1:3 (by volume)
  • Use a mixer to stir slowly at a slow speed, until the cassava glue mixture is not lumpy and smooth.


  • After mixing, the glue should be used within 2 to 4 hours
  • Do not add water and glue mixture just mixed
  • Let the glue finish mixing for about 3-4 minutes before applying it to the surface.

Mix tile adhesive to prepare for construction

Instructions for construction of mosaic tiles at home SIMPLE

The correct construction process of glass mosaic tile will help the tile product promote all its advantages in terms of both durability and aesthetics. Immediately refer to the standard construction steps below:

Step 1: Check before construction

  • Check if the preparation tools are complete
  • Check the surface of the substrate to see if it is clean, and not wet

Step 2: Proceed to spread the glue mixture on the tiling surface

  • Use pre-mixed glue to spread evenly on the surface to be tiling, do not leave thick and thin areas
  • Using a traditional trowel spread a layer of glue 4-6mm. Then use the saw trowel to create parallel grooves on the surface.

Spread the tile adhesive evenly on the tiled surface 

Step 3: Construction of mosaic tiles

  • Determine the position of tile with wire in the direction from left to right, from top to bottom
  • Stick the underside of the brick on the glue that has just been rolled
  • Use a rubber hammer to gently tap the glue to adhere to the brick better
  • Double-check the size, flatness, uniformity to see if it meets the requirements
  • Positions such as in edge tiles can cut the tile grid along the grid lines to fit properly

Install the brick on the wall and use a rubber hammer to tap lightly

In the process of pasting glass mosaic tile, it needs to be done in the most correct and standard way. This is a decisive step to the durability as well as the beauty of the entire project, so it needs skilled and experienced people to do it.

Step 4: Spread grout for tiles and clean

  • After about 2-4 hours from the time of completion of tiling, proceed to spread the grout for the surface of the tile that has just been tiled
  • Clean the surface before plastering, mix the grout scissors with clean water at a ratio of 3:7
  • Use a trowel to rub the grout so that it's full of bricks
  • Leave for about 30 minutes; use a soft cloth to wipe away excess glue. Should be cleaned to avoid the dry plaque will be difficult to handle. 
glass mosaic tile 2021

Carry out plastering of bricks and then clean the surface

The construction of glass mosaic tiles needs to be done properly. To do this properly, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Always ensure a dry environment to get the best effect when applying
  • Construction time is about 40 minutes - 1 hour for glues
  • Don’t allow water to appear on the tiling surface after gluing the tiles
  • Do not apply on uneven, undulating, convex, and rough surfaces.
  • Don’t rub the grout until the glue is completely dry. If you rub the grout while the glue is still wet, the water will be trapped, the residues and salt will not dissolve, causing the stain to be difficult to handle.

Criteria for choosing bedroom tiles

The bedroom is the relaxing space of each person after a long day of tiring work and stressful study. Therefore, when choosing bedroom tiles, it is important to pay attention to how to choose the right material for the characteristics of the room, as well as not to affect sleep. Here are some important criteria that you need to master when choosing to buy paving materials for this area.

How to choose bedroom tiles

Tile size

When choosing tiling materials for the bedroom, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the flooring materials; they should be in balance with the area of ​​the room, to create the perfect layout for the space.

Specifically, for rooms with an area of ​​​​15m2 or more, tiles of size 50×50 can be used. Because then it will limit unnecessary ron circuits. However, for rooms with a smaller area, you can consider using a size of 30×30. Because the small size bricks will be convenient for the construction process in small spaces.


For the bedroom space, the priority should be to choose tiling materials with neutral colors, such as white, cream, brown, gray, imitation wood color ... Because these colors will not affect the sleep of the bedroom. Friend, It even provides a relaxing space to help you sleep better.

Material textures of Installing Glass Mosaic Tile

When choosing bedroom tile patterns, you should give preference to small textures or smooth tiles. This makes it easier to feel relaxed, making it easier to fall asleep. Limit the use of materials with elaborate textures, which are easy to cause eye trouble. You can consider using wood grain textures, or stone textures… both are fine.

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