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Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile: 6 Decorative ideas in 2021

2021.10.16 / By hqt

Introduction of Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles

Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles to decorate the gate is one of the ways to create accents, differences and impress people when they come to your home. Moreover, the use of tiles also makes cleaning and cleaning easier. Find out what types of decorative bricks are available for the gate as well as how to choose the right tiles for each type of house!

Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile

Table of contents

  • Why should you use decorative tiles for the gate?
  • How to choose tiles to decorate the gate
    • 1. Based on the style of the house gate
    • 2. Choose the type of brick to decorate the gate
    • 3. Also, Color of Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles

Beautiful and popular Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles

  • 1. Granite grain tiles
    • 2. Natural stone imitation bricks
    • 3. Inax architectural bricks
    • 4. Also, Antique imitation gate card tiles
    • 5. Monochrome tiles
    • 6. Mosaic tiles

Why should you use decorative Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles?

The gate is an indispensable work when building a house, the facade that people will see first. Not only does it help protect the house, but it also feels more solid and secure. Because of that, you need to pay attention to this area first when building or designing a house.

 Why should you use bricks to decorate the gate?

Currently there are many ways to decorate the gate such as using natural stone, pressed stone, but Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles is very popular today, it has the following advantages:

  • The cost is 40-50% cheaper than normal paving stone
  • Diverse in both designs, colors and design styles, suitable for decorating in styles from classic to modern, from Asian to European style to bring the most complete beauty to your project.
  • Also, High quality gate tiles with outstanding rigidity as a barrier to protect the gate column against the risk of mold, water absorption thereby prolonging the life of the gate.

How to choose Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles

Choosing Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles is not simply a hobby, but engineers in the construction field say, you need to care about many factors at the same time and combine them in a harmonious way to choose the right brick model. fit. Here is the easiest way for you to choose:

1. Based on the style of the house gate

The style of the gate in particular and the style of the house in general directly affects the choice of brick for the gate. Determining this will help you narrow down the type of tile to choose.

  • Gate in modern style: should choose glossy ceramic tiles, imitation stone will show luxury and modern beauty.
  • Classic style gate: it is best to choose antique imitation bricks or card bricks that are most suitable for cladding gate posts and fence gates.

2. Choose the type of brick to decorate the gate

When choosing the type of Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles, you need to pay attention to these things, it not only makes the gate durable but also easy to clean:

  • If the gate is located near the road surface, easy to collect dirt, you should choose glossy ceramic tiles.
  • The gate is in the exterior area, so if you want the brick to be durable with time, then you should choose high-quality bricks, don't regret it, but choosing poor quality bricks will lead to bricks that are easily broken, chipped, then it will cost money. repair cost and effort.

3. Color of Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles

One of the factors that make up the highlight of your home is the color of the brick. Moreover, Unlike the interior areas, if you choose too colorful tiles for the exterior area, when contrasted with the light, it will be very dazzling, not enhancing the beauty of the gate. Therefore, choose light color tiles for your gate. 

1. Granite grain tiles

  • When it comes to popularity, it is impossible to ignore granite-veined tiles, we easily come across gates covered with this type of tile.
  • It is so trusted because it possesses the luxurious and sophisticated beauty of natural granite, which is the number 1 choice for cladding gate pillars and gate columns.
  • Some models for you to choose from such as glossy black granite gate tiles, black sequins, salt white marble tiles, mother of pearl white, or British red, Indian brown, golden brown, etc.

2. Natural stone imitation bricks

  • In addition to the gate pillars, this type of brick is also very popular for fence gates in recent times. The design of this tile looks exactly like slate, bringing a natural, classic beauty with a bit of "dust", "ceiling".
  • Advantages: hardness, high strength, very good impact resistance. As a specialized brick for exterior areas, so it is resistant to weather factors such as sun, wind, rain and especially effective against moss.

3. Inax architectural bricks

  • This is a high-class brick originating from Japan, manufactured using the most advanced technology today.
  • This type of tile has fishtail legs to help increase adhesion during construction, limiting brick falling.
  • Inax tiles apply Microguard technology to help prevent dirt from sticking to the surface of the tile while making it easier to clean and clean the tile, keeping the wall surface clean and free of moss.

4. Antique imitation gate card tiles

  • Design ideas from thousands of years old bricks bring classic beauty but not outdated.
  • If you love the old style, bold nostalgia, wood imitation brick is the perfect choice.
  • In particular, with the tile-roofed gate, this card tile model will enhance the timeless beauty.
    Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile 2021

5. Monochrome tiles

  • If you are bored with tiles with multi-colored designs, you can completely choose a monochrome tile pattern for your gate. Simple design and only 1 color create a minimalist beauty, not distracting without detracting from the aesthetics of the building.
  • The pattern of decorative wall tiles for the gate with black tones, no textures is extremely luxurious. Along with that is the tile surface with high gloss enamel and single color, so it is easy to apply to all architectural styles of houses.

6. Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles

  • Pattern glass brick mosaic is now increasingly being used more in the works decorating and interior tiling.
  • Has reflective glass surface, high durability, variety of colors and sizes, easy to clean, safe for the environment and users.
  • It allows users to unleash their creativity to create works of personal style. 


Glass and Stone Mosaic Tiles used for tiling and decorating the gate today are very diverse because it has many types, each with different designs. To help users have many choices, here are some popular tile patterns, chosen by many customers today.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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