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3 Basic Rules to use e Natural Marble Mosaic

2021.12.20 / By hqt

E natural marble mosaic is a popular material for home decoration, whether you use it for wall and floor tiles, they all bring high value and perfect aesthetics. However, if you are looking to install your own tiles, remember the 3 golden rules of tile installation to have a perfectly flat and beautiful wall or floor surface right below.

e Natural Marble Mosaic

1. Buy 10% more than the required quantity of tiles

 Damage and waste often occur during tile installation. It also happens to professional tillers. Doing so allows you to avoid going to the supplier to buy more tiles when you are in the middle of your DIY tile installation project.

At the same time you will avoid the color difference if you buy more when there is a shortage of tiles. The batches of tiles will be slightly different in color even though they have the same tile code. That's why we recommend buying excess tiles.

2. Start e natural marble mosaic with the center area

Starting e natural marble mosaic from the center and not at the edges or corners will make it easier for you to stick to the composition. Find the center of the room with the help of a tape measure and mark the outline for your tile pattern.

3 basic rules when laying tiles to have a perfect and beautiful floor

3. Spread tile adhesive

Start spreading the glue on the floor/foreground. For this job you will need to use professional tools and safety equipment. Spread the glue with the help of a knurled trowel. Press the tile on top of the glue and repeat. And when spreading the glue you should make sure that the glue is evenly spread over the entire sample.

How to easily set e natural marble mosaic?

Through the above 3 rules, you can easily tile your own tiles at home, saving the cost of hiring a professional installer. Good luck.

Marble tiles have been a home decoration material for us for a long time; they appeared many centuries ago and bring aesthetic value as well as timeless sustainability. They are derived from rocks and mountains in bulk form, cut and processed into marble tiles and surface treated to enhance their performance as a reliable building material. The biggest advantage of marble tiles is – each tile is unique and natural. They are naturally beautiful and durable.

What we need to know about e natural marble mosaic?

The biggest thing we need to note about e natural marble mosaic is that they are porous. With natural marble tiles, they often have holes, so the stains are easy to stick and difficult to clean. Hence the need for polishing and refinishing is important. And another thing is that they are very easy to chip, easy to break if hit hard.

Marble tile is an imitation of the look and feel of different types of marble. Marble look tiles are available in two materials porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is a popular building material made from clay. Some other additives are added to increase the strength and durability of the tile.

 Imitation marble tiles have become a popular substitute for natural marble tiles for a number of reasons. These reasons make this marble tile quite special:

Non-porous marble tile

 The surface of the tile is smooth without holes to allow dirt to accumulate on the surface or water to penetrate deep into the tile. This makes it very easy to remove stains just by wiping them with a rag or mild cleaning solution.

+ Surface finishing

 Marble tiles have an extra smooth surface layer that resists all human impacts when used, and at the same time it perfects the durability and beauty of marble tiles. With a surface of marble tile finishing, it defies all scratches and abrasions of time.

Aesthetic beauty

e Natural Marble Mosaic 2021

 With e natural marble mosaic, you can't help but notice it because they are no different from natural marble. When installing, you may not be able to distinguish or know if they are marble or natural marble. Moreover, there is no other product that can match the durability and strength of marble tiles. Plus, they're heat-, fire-, and water-resistant materials - making them suitable for any area of your home.

With so many advantages of marble tiles, you will surely install them in your home without having to spend too much money on them. Find more marble tiles in our store and get yours today.

The benefits that bedroom tiles bring to you are beyond imagination. Find out with us below:

1. Bedroom wall e natural marble mosaic:

Dirt or viruses in the air that can stick to the surface of the bedroom wall for a long time will definitely affect the paint color, the durability of the wallpaper, worse this is the life of the room wall. Tile can help extend the life of the wall up to 20 years. This would be the motive that you would choose to use tiles instead of alternatives.

2. Long life and use time:

E natural marble mosaic has very high durability, heat resistance and good impact resistance. If you are still wondering whether tile should be used in the bedroom or not, its durability has helped you answer your question.

3. Easy to clean and clean

Compared to wall paint, wall tiles you just need to wipe with a wet cloth soaked in a little dilute solution and your wall will be clean again. They save you more time and recipe. As for painted walls, they only make you angry and most likely peel off the coating if you rub them vigorously, or with a brush.

4. Increase aesthetics with e natural marble mosaic

Tile always makes a space brighter, more airy, and feels more spacious. Because of the glossiness of the tiles and the variety of patterns, your space will be more personal and stylish.


The usual requirement when designing and decorating a room is to bring a sense of relaxation and support deep sleep for people. Therefore, bedroom furniture should aim for the most simplicity and comfort. The issue of using floor tiles for the bedroom is discussed quite hotly.

Many families do not like to use digital tiles for the bedroom wall for fear of the cold room. Many families prefer e natural marble mosaic because they bring cleanliness, elegance and protection to the walls of the house.

with mosaic tiles, you're sure to have a trendy look that will add a ton of personality to your home.

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