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Wall Art Decorative Modern Unique Designs Flower Glass Mosaic Art Morals from Foshan factory has been talk of the town. Its qualities make it worthy amongst everyone. Art Picture Wall Decoration Glass Abstract Mosaic Mural Pattern is also worthy for making projects successful. You can also reach us at our FACEBOOK page.

Wall Art Decorative Modern Unique Designs Tile Flower Glass Mosaic Art Murals Foshan Factory

hand cut glass mural

customerized designs

Wall Decorate Crystal Glass Tile Mosaico For Walls Black Pattern Glass Tiles

tissue laminated glass

300 * 300 * 8mm

Wall renovation metal aluminum composite panel self-adhesive tile mosaic background decorative wall stickers

adhesive aluminum wall tiles

300 * 300 * 4mm

Wear Resistant 75x300mm Marble Finished Glass Tile Backsplash For Home Decoration

super white glass printed

75 * 300 * 8mm

White and Blues Glass Pool Tiles

White and Grey Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

White Brick Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles

White Ceramic Tiles

White Glass Mosaic Tiles

White Hexagon Natural Marble Backsplash Tiles

White Iridescent Glass Pool Tiles

White Lantern Marble Mosaic Tiles for Backsplash

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A great opportunity to play with sizes and finishes

From ceramic mosaic tiles to glass mosaic tiles, mosaic tiles are a timeless and sought-after feature inhome design.The endless combinations of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials options make mosaicwall and floor tiles a truly irreplaceable feature.

Mosaic tiles provide a great opportunity to play with sizes and shapes, with gentle neutrals or vividbrights colors.They come in different effects and finishes that vary from metallic or matte glassaspect to textured treatments that imitate multicolored stone or woven fabric.

whether clear or opaque, mosaic tiles catch and reflect light to brighten up any space and they blendwell with other natural surfaces such as stone ceramic and wood.

Combining elegance and durability, today's mosaic tiles offer such a wide range of alternatives that each space can be personalize to your heart's content!



Explore our eye-catching bathroom and kitchen inspiration page to start your next design. Want to find a substitute in your home? Combine a mosaic tile or one of our other unique tiles.


trendy mosaic ideas by room 2

Concise and stylish, creating an urban modern style. Use simplicity to set off the simple warmth of life. We support custom design, contact us quickly!